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No one can define the word “love”


    Love! Define sex? I guarantee, No one can really define the word “love”. There are so many things can be enjoyed; for example, the love of food; the love of music; the love of animals; the love of freedom; and much more. Some people are insufficient the definition of the word love as an intense feeling of deep affection, which is not wrong. To some people, they define love as an action. Anyway, 

          my opinion of love can be distinguished into two categories which are caring and performing.

              Care is a state of mind in which one tries to do its best or giving its best to someone or something. When you care for someone or something; you would do the planning and act toward the plan you make. You would give out your best shot to someone because you want that person to receive everything in its highest qualities possible and to be happy. For instance, I care for my dog, which I want my dog to have a great life, great food, and perfect health. Therefore, I plan and research about the breed of my dog to figure out what to do to make my dog happy. Then, I’m giving up whatever necessary to make my dog happy like I sleep less 2 hours a day to get up early and walk my dog; cut back on my spending and spend more money to get a better dog food, and contribute more time to my dog after long hours of work.


Caring for someone or something might not be enough.

     You need to perform it as well. If you only attention and do not play, the result would be the same; nothing really changes. Let’s go back to the first paragraph when I was talking about I want my dog to be happy. If I only care about my dog health and its happiness and do nothing bout it, my dog would be the same like it would have the same food; it would not get enough exercise, and it would not have its happy life. On the other hand, if I care and perform it, something to achieve, my dog will have a better life and longer lifespan.

As you may know, there is not any right or wrong definition of love; it is really how one think what love is. Some say love is nothing just only sex; some say love is just a word and nothing more than that. Some people are questioning whether the love is real or it’s ever existed. To me, I believe love is real; however, I do not know how long it will last. As long as you care and do something about it, I could say love would last a lifetime, and you will be pleased to do what you love. The key to love someone is to know what it is to make them happy. 

The story by  desiree gruber


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