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My Battle with Life...


Right from my childhood, one thing i have faced and probably was most scared of..bullying. At the age of 2, I lost vision in one of my eyes in one accident and my original eye got damaged. It was removed and prosthetic shell was inserted. How can anyone expect from a 2 year old to manage a big and painful prosthetic shell.I started with a school and a new life. But every time, i used to run,my shell used to come out and then bullying , laughing from friends...ahh it was painful....yes of course some nice souls were also there. I became introvert but excelled in studies. Got top ranks in all board exams and created a place for myself. 

I got selected as a probationary officer in one of the top banks of india. Despite getting the top rank, i was REJECTED. That too on medical grounds saying I am UNFIT for the job. I was confused, baffled, frustrated and felt defeated. I could have moved on with another career or another opportunity which i did also, but wanted to fight for it. Nobody in the family supported me except my darling mom. We filed a case....every day i was reminded that i have some problem and i always felt somewhere deep in my heart...No God..this pain i never deserved. 

But i fought. Cleared UGC/JRF, did my Mphil and court case continued to linger on. I just wanted to win not a job anymore. I started working as a lecturer and got admission in Phd in one of the best universities of my city. I started forgetting and losing hope about court case. And then one day my lawyer called me, You have WON. I felt elated and thankful to God and felt relieved. The organization changed its rules after my judgement and i felt like a winner as it helped so many other people like me to get a fair deal. I just learnt one thing after that...You need to continually move on even if adversity strikes and just hope that everything will be better how much ever bad the current situation is :)