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Initiative & Responsibility

Doing the Right thing without being told

This being my first post ,has kept me conscious and in continuous dilemma about reaction of readers ( if any ) ,but I am a man of initiative and responsibility and thought of making the Initiate & responsibility the topic of my first post.The trait of initiation and feel of responsibility is not so common and as they say common sense is not so common same goes with the initiative and responsibility.

The person who take initiative is often alone and 99% being criticized of doing it, but trust me , if u been criticized ,that means your initiative is on a right track, because every great initiative ,has been criticized at its beginning, now comes the responsibility part, taking initiative and not closing it is as bad as criticizing other of their initiative, a responsible person will take the responsibility of closing the initiative to its result that suites each and everybody ,even those who at beginning criticized you.

I will correlate this with a historical event when the Great Scientist, Albert Einstein, was struggling with an experiment and is being denied help with his peers, denied funding from nobles and denied resources from labs, he took initiative, gather his funds and went deep into his research and formulated the greatest equation, “theory of special relativity “upon which he quoted –“"I am thankful to all those who said NO. Because of them, I did it myself"

So, we can derive that Initiative and responsibility goes hand in hand. Only responsible person will take initiative and keep himself focused and calm to reach the end result of the initiation.

we should not keep our self in shell from the fear of being criticized and being made fun off, this may deter many in taking initiative, this fear should be shed. Your efforts and will power will give you pride and increase your sense of responsibility and even others will start believing on you and will eventually be parsing you & as "Harvy Specter" rightly said “ Winner don’t make excuses”, this should always be kept in mind and you must remain focused towards your goal.

Don’t worry if your initiative goes wrong, at least you are the only person who is responsible for it, don’t get stopped ,correct the fault and start again, at least your next initiative is one error less than the previous one.

At last, i would say that,All is well thats' end well. You initiative will always end well when you responsibly close them.


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