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Top 5 tips and tricks to help you prepare for Symbiosis entrance exam

As the SET exams come closer, students are to be found buried, trying to mug up as much as possible. But, this doesn’t ensure that they are using the right method to get the result they want. 

As the SET exams inches closer, students are to be found buried, trying to mug up as much as possible. But, this doesn’t ensure that they are using the right method to get the result they want. Better effectiveness and efficiency during studying is a smarter approach to prepare for any entrance examination. There are certain basic essentials like: practising past papers, setting a schedule for when to do what, setting deadlines, and then there are the tricks that are not much talked about or are easily forgotten about. In this article we will talk about 5 such essentials, which students tend to forget at the time of revision. These tips will be your friend during your preparation for SET exam 2018.

1. Set a routine of eating healthy

Certainly, eating healthy and maintaining a proper, balanced diet is one of the most important practices students should adopt while preparing for an exam. Taking this step further often includes having ‘brain food’ as a part of that healthy and well-proportioned diet. These foods would specifically help in improving your memory, critical thinking and overall brain functioning. They include the likes of leafy greens, eggs, oily fish (for proteins and omega 3), peanut butter, green tea, fruits and nuts.

2. Include exercise in your daily routine

No this doesn’t mean going to the gym for 3 hours a day! Instead, including a 5 minute stretching session during your breaks is a lot more helpful than just sipping a cup of coffee or tea. Small interval exercises doesn’t drain you much and also helps you boost your brain power. It increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to our brain

3. Use power naps to your advantage

Taking a thirty minute power nap not only energises but also rejuvenates you. This is often ignored by students as they tend to focus on toiling for long hours of study. But, it is always better do allocate time for a power nap as this helps you with your memory too.

4. Answer strategically

Time is Precious! Begin with the easiest section. That way you solve more number of questions in the limited time. The questions which were not answered could be attempted in the end when you have time left. And remember the rule of elimination. As this is a multiple choice answers based test and does not have negative marking, we would highly recommend this tactic. You can have your own personal tricks too!

5. Use diagrams

To study for SET, one of the most recommended techniques to learn and keep your memory strong and shortening the long information is using visuals to segregate and absorb the data throughout the learning process. This means, using diagrams, clue cards, charts or even doodles that help you understand and remember concepts better would help.

We hope this article helps you for your preparation for SET 2018 and Symbiosis admission process. Good Luck!


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