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Applying design to buoyant piano tops to make them into lifeboats- The world is new for Pichkaari, the designo-communication boutique.


As we look around us, we find ourselves in an age where resources are managed and maintained like never before. The new order of leaders can envision change inclusively and implement changes across various collateral aspects of business development, as against an erstwhile concept of compartmentalization, which has been proven to be inefficient. With information and insight flowing from all directions, we are flooded with terrific ideas and the list of inspiration runs long. Time flashes by, the idea grows on us and pushes us to work hard; amassing talent, planning, executing and eventually watching as the tree bears fruit. But there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip' and for many, unfortunately it does not end up the way it ought to be. The invaluable contribution of effective communication and design thinking, which is pivotal to any business, and which is also the dominant pair which carries a message of instant liking across products and services is often taken for granted, or gets latent over other business concerns.

We come into the picture exactly there; at that point to make sure that every idea, every product and every service reaches the target audience as they would like it and what’s more, we craft these with such carefully thought empathetic design which makes the end user want it a lot more.

Service Offerings

Waking up to a dream

Vikas Jaiswal, about three years from ago, was a bright promising young individual who, as most might say, was making a good beginning. A ambitious man in his early twenties, he was determined to make a difference in his place of work. His sound technological background meant he was specially identified as a gifted UX professional at CenturyLink, a leading American worldwide communications company headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. As it occurred to be a happenstance, he got just the opportunity he was looking for to break free on a path to the realization of his dream. His explorations into communicative strategies through intelligent design made him realize that things which one is passionate about are not random. He had found his calling.

Little did he know that his forte of taking the world of design thinking was shared by another mind professionally proximal to himself. Sebastian Jacob, who happened to contribute to the same project, had amazed all and sundry with his skills of maneuvering thoughts into beautiful illustrations which would make information clearer than ever. The two bonded but Pichkaari was yet to be born.

Branding and Marketing Collateral

Passion never fails

Vikas and Sebastian would go on to meet up and brainstorm as to how they could together bring about a whole new approach in design and communication. Although they found answers to some questions, some were left unanswered. It was then, when friend, artist, supermom and horticulturist Priyanka Jain stepped in to complete the triangle of creativity, communication and design.

“As we started Pichkaari, the hurdles never seemed to stop. In the beginning, it used to be extremely embarrassing as most would, in an obvious off-handed manner associate the literal meaning of Pichkaari (the piston used to spray colors during the festival of Holi.) Post that, it was this seed of doubt that was planted in the minds of most probable clients as to whether we are truly different in our approach or not. If we were, then how were we so?” recapitulates Vikas.

“As we were a startup, we couldn’t showcase clients a portfolio of our application to design thinking and a taste of our work and as a benefit of doubt most places and people we approached, denied us a chance. That was a period when we had our back to the wall and had become critical of our capabilities. With hope melting away, the miracle happened. We got our first client, a Fortune 100 company and since then, we have never looked back.” says an animated Sebastian.

Wall Illustrations and Branding

A little part of us is born everyday

We view users and their behavior in the context of their lives. We always ask “Why?” to uncover deeper meaning. These insights give us direction to create innovative solutions. The best solutions come out of the best insights into human behavior. But learning to recognize those insights is what we value the most. The stories that people tell and the things that people say they do—even if they are different from what they actually do—are strong indicators of their deeply held beliefs about the way the world is. Good designs are built on a solid understanding of these beliefs and values. On every single creative that we work, it is our chance, to bring clarity and focus to the design space. The design thinking process challenges us to combine empathy, ingenuity and rationality to solve new problems.

“Every design is a problem to be worked out, a puzzle to solve.” Says Priyanka,“but not one to be solved analytically, nor with logic and reasoning. We embrace a culture of right brain learning here at Pichkaari where we indulge in intuitive thinking, visually-oriented solutions relying on random processing. It is in fact, about the bigger picture, is non-linear, holistic and creative. It is about how we connect in a universal oneness to everyone and everything in the right here and right now.”

Creative Campaigns

Letting success make all the noise

As we continued on our special journey, we have always been in the company of various MNCs and startups alike. With bigger enterprises comes a challenge of a larger immediate impact, and pushes us to build upon existing tenets of design language, which also takes into consideration the organizational structure and values of the company. With new businesses we love the creative space that we get, and the chance of a racy affair with experimentation.

We have never been more excited as we have reached a point where we are rattling all the right cages and creating a niche for ourselves. This is mostly due to the exceptional team that we have right now. Not only are the team members adept at handling their departments but they prove to be valuable additions when it comes to managing a creative. The ideating and conceptualizing of a particular creative evolves from an amalgamation of ideas with contributions from the whole team; be it designers, copywriters or user experience experts. This is where we have rejuvenated the whole creative process and what comes out is a cloud of fresh ideas, concepts and designs.

What lies ahead for Pichkaari is something we don’t fixate on. What we do instead is keeping on doing the work that sets us apart. We can’t predict what the future holds, what we can say for sure is that we will keep on growing without making any compromises on the quality of designs that we churn out. The two qualities that make us stronger are our humility and the bond that our close-knit family shares. The one thing that keeps us motivated is the path that we have traversed and when we look back at the remarkable journey we know we still have a long way to go.