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Energy management education: Need of the global business evolution


We all utilize different forms of energy on a daily basis. We use it in our homes, in the industrial applications, business aspect, and other several facets of commercial & personal lives. As it is a scientifically proven fact that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another. This popular phenomenon of science is the most predominant reason as to why people actively need to focus on a proper energy management approach.

The ever growing population of the world and rapid pace of economic development that can be observed across the world are making meeting the demand-supply ratio for energy a bit challenging. The majority of the demand comes from the industrial sector. The industrial sector of the entire world is currently at a highly energy-intensive stage of growth, which is why every country in the world is consuming high percentage of energy. Especially countries like the US, China, Russia, India, Japan, etc. are one of the top-most consumers of energy in the world. As a result of that all the major organizations across the world face energy-related challenges, including those related to energy supply, reliability and climate change matters. That makes energy management to be a very crucial aspect for any and every enterprise in the world. Following that intense need, programs like MBA in energy management in India are getting some serious traction in the education domain, so that people who can cater to this demand can be trained.

In last few decades, even though the world as an unit has been growing in terms of might & money, there are certain challenges. Business, industry and government organizations have all been under tremendous economic and environmental pressures. Coping up with the economical competition that can be seen in the marketplace across the world and meeting the environmental regulations at the same time has become a matter of concern for organizations. Thus, there’s a huge demand of the people who are capable of drawing the most efficient energy management solutions so that the company can save itself from falling pray to excessive wastage of resources. Energy management plays a very crucial role in deciding whether a company has had a profitable year or not.

Efficient energy management in the form of implementing new energy efficiency technologies, using modern materials and manufacturing processes is one of the smartest way to manage the energy requirements. It can help companies in improving their productivity and increasing their product or service quality by tenfold. Considering the significant vacuum that’s been created in the energy efficiency stats, international players like blue chip companies or MNC have actively began looking for better energy management solutions. Even though programs like MBA in International Business can educate in handling the issues related to international business, tackling energy management issues is altogether a different trait.


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