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Conventional and modern flowers gift shops in India

There are some small floral gift shops that can be in the flower market area, or can be almost anywhere in the market place. These shops exclusively sale, flower bouquets for gifting purpose.

India is a country with diversified cultures, traditions and religions. Larger populations that believe in different cultures, different worshiping procedures and different customs stay together in this country since centuries now.

Though there may be a difference in the lifestyle of people, according to religious parameters, eating habits, clothing styles and so many other things, however some things are commonly accepted in all the diversified people living in this country.

Use of flowers for worshiping, decoration, garlanding and gifting can be a good example of a custom that would be almost commonly accepted by all the cultures here.Flowers gift shops have a long tradition as flowers have a very respectable place in Indian culture as they are used by Hindus for worshiping, by Muslims for paying homage to great saints at their shrines in various Dargahs, Christians to express gratitude and respect for the Lord and prominent religious personalities that show the path to Lord and all these people utilize variety of flowers for decoration, makeup, welcoming important guests and preparing gifts.

The Traditional flower gift shop can be the place that might offer only floral bouquet as a gift item or offer flowers in some other arrangements for various other purposes mentioned earlier.

In India, flower gift shops are usually located near the wholesale agricultural market yards, where flowers are also sold in wholesale quantities at wholesale prices. The floral merchants can easily procure their required lot of different flowers from the market according to their estimated retail business throughout the day, and orders booked earlier by various customers for bulk quantity of different flowers for occasional decorations of homes, special wedding halls, temples and some other places that would be venues for some religious or traditional ceremonies.

There are some small floral gift shops that can be in the flower market area, or can be almost anywhere in the market place. These shops exclusively sale, flower bouquets for gifting purpose.

The modern and vast version of flower gift shops in India are the online services that offer flower bouquets home deliveries in their specified territories of operation. This is a growing trend now to order flower bouquets online and get them delivered directly to the doorstep of the desired recipients. Thus, people can easily send best wishes on their special friends’ birthdays and anniversaries, even if would not be practically possible for them to attend the arranged party as they might be out of town.

Online flower delivery services operate through their websites that can be called as their virtual shops, where:

· Customers can look for a variety of products from the product catalog

· Select the exact bouquet that they like from the available options

· Provide the detailed address for delivery of the flower bouquet mentioning the suitable time for delivery

· Customers can make instant online payments using their credit cards, debit cards or popular mobile e wallets for the orders they place.

Thus websites would be designed for all necessary transactions for placing orders. An efficient team of craftsmen would prepare bouquets as per orders and the bouquets will be delivered to desired addresses through a delivery network in the city where service is offered.