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8 Best Team Communication Apps of 2018

Team communication is a critical element of successful business endeavors in today's market. The advances in technology available to businesses via chat applications can decrease the work of your teams. There are several online team communications apps that let your team members come up together with new ideas and techniques to create the best outcome. 

best team communication app

Here are the 8 best team communication apps to meet up the indispensability of collaborative team communication for effective business outcome. As efficacious communication is the key to successive goal achievement.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger- a professional office chat software, which lets you to share the knowledge and data for a collaborative business performance. This business chat app is free to download with many specific functionalities. In this chat app you can chat with co-workers, team leads either in group chats or in each personal chat. All the members in the group along with admin and moderator will get all the notifications, if any one add a member, remove a member and change the group image. It also allows you to share the files of various formats to make your job even more easy than before. Troop Messenger keeps all your conversation history like message, voice and video calls secure with server side encryption. When you are in a chat conversation with other team members, Troop Messenger will show you typing symbol whenever the other user starts typing. The display of chat history is very clear as the chat is seggregated and presented date-wise. Through the mobile app, you can easily share the contact with others, which will display three options like call, add to contacts and send message. Messages will be sent automatically to groups as well as to individual chats, whenever your device is connected to internet.



A leading Team Communication app launched in the year 2013 unifying millions of people on one platform to make all their work flow easily and to drive a successful business in the market hub. This app is available in two variants – freemium- where features are free, and Premium- a variant which offers additional features for a price ranging from $8 per month on all calls, message history, team video calls and screen sharing. The team of developers at Slack built a pleasant ecosystem for your work.



It is one of the best instant messaging for business , built by the Atlassian group in the year 2009, which is now called as Stride. This chat application will help you to make all your employee communication through team chat that can make your work even more flexible and also bring the whole team together in one platform. It provides secure core group chat, video calling and screen sharing services with 25 k message chat history for unlimited users


A new Team Chat app developed by the Todoist team that converts all your team chat in to threads. All your conversations are segregated into topics and maintained as threads. Users can reply to the existing thread or start a new one. This chat app also helps the whole team to communicate at a time to share ideas, feedback. If users want to take action on any message, they can click on the Todoist button to add task to the original conversation.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams- A new team communication app which is designed for meetings and documents. It really works great for the random conversations for proposing and finalising a new project for the team. As the channels in this app are organised by the team, you can have an access to invite anyone in the group to participate. Here you can chat normally with a reply button under every chat thread and an access to write a full wiki document on which project your team is working on. They have a new chat room option to inform about the meetings.


A new collaborative instant chat application and a faster way to communicate with your team members to manage the work flow easily. This work chat app brings all on one platform with 1-1 or group discussions about your projects, departments or common interests. You can share your files, links, messages on this team work app. Optimize your project management efforts using its powerful tools like shared to-dos, polls, rich note sharing, reminders and many more.


Discord- A new corporate chat app to text messages and exchange voice calls, which is specially designed for gamers. It works on desktop as well as on mobile phones. This chat app is in a way similar to Hipchat and Slack. Here there are channels to discuss about any topic along with emojis to reply for the feedback. It also provides for pinned chat options, so there is no chance to miss your important messages. You can add.

Cisco Spark

Designed for the creative teams, Cisco Spark is an innovative tool for a quick sharing of work with your team members. It allows you to keep your team communication simple with straight forwarding messages by being in one room with a single click. Here you can share and sketch your ideas on the virtual whiteboard.