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Some Facts a Mobile App Developer Should be Aware of

An increasing trend in downloading of apps leads to an increased number of app developers, performing some of the daunting tasks related to app development.

The mobile app development market is growing at a tremendous pace. There are some critical factors to be considered before even starting with the development of the app.

Other than the various factors that contribute towards the development of the mobile apps, we need to study some analytics related to mobile app development. There are 4.43 billion mobile users in 2015 and this trend is about to reach 5.07 billion users in 2019.

We are seeing an increasing trend in the number of apps that are downloaded as well as the number of mobile app developers. Many of the companies are developing dedicated mobile apps for their businesses, so as to reach out to the customers and thus conducting e commerce activities. The mobile app developers are needed for performing some of the daunting tasks related to app development.

Here, are some of basic facts that the mobile app developer must be aware of:

Deep Market Research

A thorough market research needs to be conducted, even before starting with the app development, so as to obtain knowledge on the recent trends. Insights on the competitors will give an idea about their weaknesses and strengths. The customer reviews prove to be extremely beneficial in giving an idea about likes and dislikes of the users with respect to a specific app. This is how high performance apps are developed, to win over the competition.

Writing the App Description

The App description plays an important role for checking the apps in the Google Play or the iTunes App Store. It is the app description through which the app becomes famous and purchased. The relevant and the well organized description will elaborate about the app and make it impressive for the users of the app.

The app description is not only important for the App Stores, but also helps to develop an interactive website for your mobile app, which includes the description along with some videos and screenshots.

Pricing the App

The mobile app developer must know how to price your app properly, so that your app becomes a money earner, after all the hard work that you have put behind the mobile app development. The price of the app is dependent on factors like its functionalities and the cost of app development.

In many of the cases, particularly in the initial stages of app marketing a suitable version of the app is offered to the users to get a public response on the functionality of the apps.

It is based on this response, that you gauge how to charge this app. There are ways and means of offering discounts or special offers, during the various seasons or during holidays, which enables to get maximum number of customers.

Testing the Apps

Just after developing the apps, one must be absolutely be clear on how the apps work successfully on a variety of devices. It is mandatory for the apps to be tested, before and after it hits the market.

The main purpose of testing is not to understand the mistakes committed by the app, but the emphasis lies in how well the app works. The app developed must give maximum performance, easy to use and creative in nature. Testing the app before it is launched, will ensure that the app developed is what is intended by the users.

App Promotion

People must be made aware about your app. The app is submitted in various social media and the various app review sites. Press releases and promo code for media personnel are best practices for reviewing your app. The app marketing must start at appropriate time, before even launching the app. There are useful sections like “Featured App” in the App Stores, which will draw a steady stream of users towards the app.

These are some of the useful tips required by the app developers, before starting to conceptualize the apps, which can plan the app development in such a way that a long lasting app is developed.


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