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Be a Successful Team Leader

Tips to become a good Team Leader

A team is only as good as its leader. If the leader is not a performer, then the team will never be able to perform well. Therefore, every leader must possess certain qualities that will enable them to empower their people to give their best.

Did you know?

Roger Herman did a study that revealed that 75% of the employees who leave their jobs voluntarily, do not quit because of work, they quit because of their bosses. As Ralph Nader puts in his words, the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

But before we start, why don’t you reflect upon yourself and try to discover the Leader in you!

Here are some of the things that you can incorporate to become an effective leader for your team:

Become a good listener

Being a senior does not mean that you stop listening to your subordinates. In order to show your team that you trust them, it is important to listen to them. If their suggestions are feasible, then incorporate them occasionally. This will help them to build self-confidence when they see their suggestions being implemented.

Seek advice from people

When you listen to ideas from your team, you can develop them and evolve them. Seek opinions and build on them. We simply cannot talk as leaders, we need to listen and respect other people’s opinions. This also shows that you are a flexible person who appreciates and respects his team.

Create an inclusive team

Not all fingers of the hand are the same. Similarly, not all the people in a team are the same. Try to include everyone and see that nobody feels left behind. Depending upon their skill and will, give tasks to every team member so that you can make all of them feel useful.

Be encouraging and supporting

People usually become nervous and hesitate when the decision at hand is risky or a tough one. You must encourage and support your team members and help them achieve their goals and complete tasks that they find difficult to bring to an end. Demonstrate how accomplishing tasks brings positive results.

Be, Know and Do

Be clear and communicate like a leader. Know what you are saying and do set an example before your team members. A confident leader builds a confident team and an under-confident leader will always have an under-confident team working for him.

Enjoy your work

If you are not committed towards your work then you cannot expect the highest level of commitment from your team. In order to be effective and efficient, it is important that you draw a line between being a workaholic and loving your work.

Keep the morale up

There has to be a strong drive in people to excel. If the drive is missing, people tend to become lax and sloppy. Keeping the spirits high and confidence inflated is the job of the leader.

All it takes to be a great leader is to find your own strengths and improve upon them. Find your areas of improvement and develop those areas.

Leading a team is not an easy task as one has to make sure that the job assigned is done correctly within the time frame assigned without a dip in the motivational level. So, if you can delegate, collaborate, motivate, understand human nature & feelings, create team bonding then you are very close to being team leader or already a team leader.


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