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Can you really create a cashless campus?

Although the concept of cashless economy and its logical consequence cashless campus has been out there for a long time, people have always thought it to be quite unfeasible.

Although the concept of cashless economy and its logical consequence cashless campus has been out there for a long time, people have always thought it to be quite unfeasible.

But now, we tell you that it is not just possible to create a cashless campus, it’s also much more advantageous.

Benefits for the parents:

In today’s busy times, it is very difficult for parents (especially those who have hectic jobs) to be physically present when various sort of fees (lunch fees, tuition fees etc.) are being paid. One easy solution is to let them make the payment in a cashless way, which gives them the flexibility of paying via their preferred mode of payment, and also frees them of the constraint of being actually physically present during the payment procedure.

Also, if there is a system, which allows them to keep track of which fees should be paid next, how much amount is needed to be paid, then it makes them quite independent in terms of their wards’ fees payment procedure.

Benefits for the staff:

The staff has a lot of work to do. In a cashless campus, the staff will be free of sifting through the enormous paperwork, which is a result of the accumulation of all the receipts etc. of fee payment. All this can go away with the introduction of cashless payments in campuses.

This will increase the productivity of the staff, as they will be using the time (otherwise spent in the redundant paperwork sifting) in doing other stuff, which will increase the efficiency of the entire department.

Here a system, which will automatically generate report and soft copies of receipts (of payments) will be of vital importance. Also the reports should be easily sharable.

Steps to create a cashless campus:

1. Categorise and make a list of all the fees that is collected by your school per annum. This will include tuition fee, accommodation (if your school is residential), workshops, trips etc.

2. The above points will roughly give you an idea which sort of system you’ll use to make the transition to being cashless.

• Read reviews of confirmed customers of the product.

• Make sure that the transactions are secure and that they support multiple payment options like credit/debit card, net banking etc.

• Look into whether they give you smart analytics options.

• Are the generated reports shareable?

3. Now comes the last and the most important part of this transition. Making others believe that this is the best option they have.

• Advertise your website (where these payment methods are in place) to the parents and nearby locations. Use flyers, posters and advertisements. Grab everyone’s attention.

• Make sure that you organise a training/ introductory session for all the parents which tell them about what they can expect from this system, and how to best navigate the interface.

• Monitor the site traffic to get an estimate your progress. Do surveys, send out forms for reviews. This is a long and continuous process.

Keep at it, make sure that you don’t give up midway.

One such system is Quikfee which has all the features mentioned earlier. E.g.

• It has notifications which alerts the parents about when to pay the next instalment.

• It allows them to keep a track of how much fees they have to pay.

• It allows to generate shareable reports which helps the staff.

• It has a very user friendly UI which helps in easy navigation.

Products like Quikfee are essential in the journey towards a cashless campus.

Go Digital! Go Cashless!


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