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MBA, Corporate and We

The tale of making the edible incredible

A standard degree, high profile 9 to 5 job and there began our corporate lives after MBA.

We were a set of three friends or to put in this way three best friends since our college times. Confident presenters, hardcore debaters those were our inner strength. But as time revolved we got separated by distance owing to our academic calling. After getting in with the MBA degrees from different parts of India one find day we just had a reality check to go back to our native land, Assam and give it a fresh start in to what we are best at.

Well this is not easy, all must have wondered why this stupidity. After having a coveted degree people hanker after a secured life and we are pushing ourselves to struggle again from scratch.

We are crazy I tell you !!!

So we finally decided to grill on, to challenge ourselves to think out of the box. All our ideal weekend hangouts had turned into business meetings. Being great foodie we pondered that Guwahati (Assam) city was lacking something called a home touch bakes. Now what I mean by it is there are a lot of theme cafes and restaurants located in this urban city but the city has not commercially saturated with home catering services. Hence why not give them some customized bake delights.

And there we went Tik Tok - The Tik Tok Bakehouse making the edible incredible is our answer to the homemade bakes revolution in our city. Yes there begin our dream start up venture of bakes. With a decent start and a Facebook page we begin in with our journey and rightly in our third month since the start up we have been getting good response from the city dwellers as they reviewed our page and ordered our baked delicacies.

We are at our nascent stage, risking our career to our undying passion of business. So looking forward for people to appreciate, support and love our ventures in years to come!!!

You can follow us on

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tiktokbakes/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/TikTokBakehouse

You can email us on - tiktokbakes@yahoo.com


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