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Faishal Ansari Shares 5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

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Have you just started a company? Or started a product company? Or are you a developer of mobile app who desires to know more about application trends? If the answer of all these questions is yes, then this blog is for you! 

The industry of mobile app development is evolving continuously. Technology advancements, customer demands, as well as other factors leave great impact on mobile application trends. Keeping yourself updated with latest trends, no doubt, is quite vital in this modern era. 

Nowadays, mobile apps serve numerous purposes and the reality is that we all depend on apps, isn’t it? So, we can say the market of app development is growing and many companies decided to come up with latest apps. 

If you are the one who is planning to launch iOS app then it’s vital for you to know latest trends. Since, it will only help you in understanding the market in a better way. 

Faishal Ansari has shared 5 mobile app development trends in 2020 that you can check.

  • Rise of Chat bots


Customer service, no doubt, is a vital part of all business whether small or big. In order to manage client relationship, businesses nowadays are incorporating Chat bots. 

Maybe you have heard about it! But, still many people are not aware of it! Chat bot is computer program (interacts with guest through text). All food delivery applications have incorporated Chat bots in order to provide better client service. 

According to one online survey, it has been found that large number of customers love to interact through Chat bots. Wondering why? Since Chat bots give precise answers! Large number of industries have begun to incorporate this into the mobile applications. 

  • Instant Apps for Mobile App Development

We all have numerous applications installed on our mobile devices however we hardly use all applications, right? The outcome? Unused applications eat much storage space! The solution for this is instant apps! Wondering what it is? 

It actually allows a customer to utilize an application simply by tapping instead of installing the app on phone. If you feel that app is beneficial then you can easily download it. This feature simply helps customers save both storage space as well as data. 

Other trends that are quite popular are wearable gadgets like Microsoft Hololens, Apple Watch etc. 

  • 5G Wireless technologies

It’s also the most popular mobile development trend of this year. No doubt, 5G-network speed will be much faster (100 times) as compared to 4G network. In addition to its speed, 5G wireless services likewise serve numerous other functionalities such as: 3D gaming, Augmented Reality and Data security. 

App developers must design apps properly so that customers can enjoy fast network speed without any hassle. 

  • On-Demand Apps

Things will no doubt become interesting since app world will launch on-demand apps this year. The fact is that luxury of yesterday is today's demand. Smartphones nowadays have become major requirement as they fulfill all the demands of the person through different mobile apps. 

Just place the request in particular application and one will be able to acquire the service at their preferred location. 

On-demand apps simply have numerous categories such as food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps etc. Currently, Taxify as well as Uber have obtained much popularity because of on-demand apps. They are simple for users to use. 

On-demand apps future trends include:

  • Domestic helper apps
  • Laundry service apps
  • Babysitting apps
  • Salon apps
  • Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets have gained much popularity too. There’s no need to type account details in order to manage the transactions. You just have to link the details of your account to the mobile wallet app. After that, one can simply transfer cash to anybody with this app.

The process of payment can become much smoother as well as faster by simply incorporating payment gateways directly with mobile wallets. 

Numerous mobile wallet applications such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay and so on have already gained much popularity. 


Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and the tips shared above has helped you in knowing more about mobile app development trends in 2020. 

For sure, everything will going to be thousand times much better, faster as well as simpler this year. 


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