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How video lectures are becoming popular among engineering students rather than conventional coaching Classes

Engineers are facing an extreme level of skill deficit in India. But with growing e-learning startups like BYJUs, In5minutes and Unacademy Students are moving slowly towards concept learning using video lectures rather than exam based coaching classes.

The role of a lecturer is to keep the students engaged and tuned to the topic in hand. The first 5 minutes of your lectures provides is important to establish a connect with the student and make them sit up and pay attention. In today's Digital Age, students find recorded lecture to be a useful tool and mainly use it to make up for missed lectures and to prepare for assessments. As different students prefer to learn in different ways depending on their grasping power, giving them the flexibility and control to view a lecture in their convenience will help them to understand the concept better and have an alternative method. Having the ability to re-watch the lecture time and again will help them to look up anything they are unsure of. A lecture recording provides an audio and visual record which students can repeat as many times as they need. It also means an electronic version of the lecture is stored, so it is not a problem if handwritten notes are lost. During intense revision periods it can be beneficial for students to clear their concepts and able to revise or catch up on lectures and decimate the information quickly. 


A survey of 800 students identified key reasons that students prefer recorded lectures like, I can watch selected parts of the lectures which I don’t understand, I find that video recorded lectures help me in preparing for exams, I can view the recorded lectures anywhere, anytime, I access video recorded lectures when I am sick. However, with all due and respect, given how recorded visuals have proved to be a boon to the masses, one key point that deserves close attention is the absenteeism rate increasing in several institutions and classes. Access to replays may encourage procrastination and then result of “binge studying” around the time of semester examinations. Such study habits are known to be unhelpful and need to be noted as accountable by the refrain from accessing it. Apart from that, questions and doubts related to the matter taught in the video remains unresolved or unanswered which could further lead to students being puzzled and thus possess only half knowledge regarding the entire topic. 

Through a recent survey, Online-lectures depend on the density of the information being passed. Ineffectiveness is often found with subjects related to numerical values or with subjects that require vast information to be grasped at one go for e.g- Financial services, Research management, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Electronics, Telecommunication etc. The idea behind web-lectures or video lectures was to give innovative solutions looking at the issues that students faced but given the fact with the boon efficient technology, It still lacks the effectiveness of personal touch and increases information overload which probably in near future can be solved with introduction and acceptance of new technology.

In5minutes is one such a revolutionary platform pioneering the learning process and believes in the motto “to make education quicker & simpler”, which aids students to imbibe the concept of Mumbai university engineering syllabus better and helps to improve their performances.



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