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Why you don’t need to know coding to develop an app

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Success of Uber, Foursquare, Instagram… - it all started with an idea – a revolutionary unique idea that would make life easy for the millennials. Do you have an idea too? Now all you need is to build a mobile app to test the feasibility of this idea and reach out to the world. With advances in technology you can easily create an app with android app builders available online.

Why mobile app?

In this mobile-centric world, android apps form the center of the digital transformation. There is no other medium which is as personal and omnipresent as mobile applications to reach customers anytime, anywhere.

To say the least, developing an android app is the need of the day. The real question here is – do you need to be an expert coder to take your idea off the ground? As long as you can create value by through app marketing using your brilliant idea, knowing how to develop an app through coding is a mere formality. With android app creator things get even simpler. But let’s not jump ahead.

So how do you go about it?

3 Steps to build a mobile app:

Step 1 – Get an idea

Step 2- Identifying the need – It is most important to know what people need, what problems they face and how you can make it better. That’s what will you value.

Step 3 – Research & analyze the feasibility of the plan.

Step 4 – Design, keeping in mind the smooth flow and features.

Step 5 – Selecting an appropriate android app creator

• You can either hire developers to build mobile app in-house

• Or you can use android app builders.

Hiring a programmer can be an expensive affair. If you take a professional opinion, a realist would recommend not to shell a fortune over employing professional developers. In the advent of technological advancement, there are multitude of android app builders online you can use to create a mobile application according to your specific requirements. What’s more, these android app creators make it real simple for any layman to grasp the concept of how to develop an app without the knowing the intricacies of coding.

Step 6: Create developer accounts

Step 7: Integrating analytics, getting feedback and constant improvisation is the key to success.

If you are a budding company with low finances, android app builders are your best bet. Whether you have a technical background or not, the opportunity to turn a great idea into a phenomenal business is under your own grasp. There is a ton of resources our there for budding companies. All you need to know is which android app builder serves you with the best and easiest approach to build you mobile apps without the hassle of learning technical coding.


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