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Top 5 business ideas for a student

In  2017, every young professional who are looking earn quick money with minimal investment.

Monday August 21, 2017,

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In 2017, every young professional who are looking earn quick money with minimal investment. And with India’s growing economy, there are lot of startup are developing now. Here are some of the business ideas which I will recommend you to start with as a student.

1. Became a Contributor

Work as the Guest blogger. Find the blogger who can sell his account of big site like Inc. , Forbes, CNN,techcrunch etc to you. Now join the various group on Facebook who required the guest post on big site for the backlinks or the promotion. They can easy pay you around $150-$200 per post.

2. Became a fashion video blogger

As every girl love to look nice so they dress well and do the make-up. So they have the knowledge of every mask-up to look good in collage or party. So you can tutorial for the video of the mask-up who help the other girl and side by side warn some money.

3. Wedding Planner/Event Organizer

If you have a strong social network and people management skill you can opt for wedding planner or event management businesses. You can use your contacts and your skill to generate revenue in this industry.

Event management business is an initiative where people comes to you to take care of all the processes in conducting their event or wedding programs. You will be the one to take care of decorations to all proper arrangements of seats and music.

You might need a commercial space but you can also start up this company in your home. The main investment would be the event management program, a computer and other accessories and internet connection.

4. Social Media Services

In collages there is the high demand of an expert marketer who can get like likes and followers to the companies on the social media platforms like FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM for the popularity among the general public.

5. Drop-shiping

You can also start a services of drop ship collaborate with agency like amazon, Flipkart to delivery their goods. Cover your nearby area and earn commission per delivery.

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