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How AR & VR is changing the way consumers see the world

Virtual reality is a computer-generated recreation of a real-life environment and it is generally done by improving vision and hearing

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two advanced technologies that have changed the life of thousands of the people of different industries and the scope of the VR and AR Development is increasing day by day. In fact, today’s marketers are enthusiastic to deal with the technologies that may enhance the experience of the users to attract the target audience. With this purpose, they are using VR and AR as new tools and the feedbacks are quite positive.

What do we understand by Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual reality is a computer-generated recreation of a real-life environment and it is generally done by improving vision and hearing. In simpler words, the computer helps us experience the things that are not real. Virtual Reality is achieved by wearing some headset like equipment.

Virtual reality is used in the field of gaming and entertainment where the users may have more improved experience while they play video or computer games or watch a 3D movie. It is also used for some real situation where stimulation of the reality is needed for the purpose of practice.

What do we understand by Augmented Reality or AR?

The Augmented Reality is achieved when the viewer is experiencing the real environment that is augmented with superimposed computer generated images to enhance the perception of the viewer. In other words, the users are able to experience a more enhanced real environment with the help of computer-generated sounds and graphics.

How are AR and VR enhancing the experiencing of the customers?

Modern customers want an enhanced experience while they enjoy or use different services provided by government or private sector. Therefore, experts are trying to introduce different technologies to attract the customers. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the two technologies that are used in different industries to serve the customers.

Some of the examples are given below:


A famous use of VR in the healthcare sector is Snow world that is achieved to help the burn patients deal with pain and discomfort by creating a virtual snowy environment. If we talk about AR, doctor and nurses use a handheld scanner to find a vein for an injection for reducing the discomfort for the patients.


Google has announced a virtual reality platform for classrooms where the students use cardboard to take guided tours of famous cities. Moreover, virtual reality learning centers are made for the higher education. A tool Oculus DK2 let the students reach inside the human body to have a real experience.


Marketing is an important area for every business. VR and AR are used in this area to enhance the user experience. Motion pictures like The Avengers or Jurassic World are some examples of the use of VR that create excitement and stay in the memory for a long period.

Travel and Tourism:

Virtual Reality can be achieved in a virtual tour to attract target audience or potential travelers. VR, in this case, can affect the decision if the users are confused about the visit to the place.

Real Estate:

If one wants to buy a home for him, he can go to the real estate websites and find himself inside the house virtually. The real estate agents are able to show the houses in 3D to convince or impress the customers to finalize the deal.

It is clear that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality both are used to provide an enhanced experience and in future, they may be more dependent on these technologies. This situation brings both challenges and opportunities for the marketers.

How AR & VR Is Changing The Way Consumers See The World


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