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You move at your own speed, you are never too late....


Life is a journey of constant desire to compete and succeed. We always complain about people(known to us) achieving so and so milestone in a particular span of their life or career. We have an internal jealousy whenever that colleague/ friend/relative moves ahead of us. This constant desire to follow others makes me feel where are we heading to. Constant effort to follow others leads us to different paths. Make your own path, follow your own path and you will reach your desired destination automatically. 

Every individual walks at his or her own speed and reaches the desired destination at the defined time. You are never too early, you are never too late. It's the timeline that has been set. You just have to work for it, move along and follow your heart. You are never behind your friend/colleague/relative. You are moving at your your own pace, and you are competing with nobody, but yourself. 

Self belief is the biggest asset that you have. The desire to succeed should never be a result of copying another individual. It should come from within and should have its own defined goals. Life will give you multiple failures to cry at, but the one who has the self-belief, will always win. Never lose hope and always believe in yourself and your abilities. Age never matters. An under 30 guy starts one of the biggest social networking platforms, a 50 yrs+ guy creates one of the biggest e-commerce companies in this world, and another 50 yrs+ guy builds a Chinese e-commerce behemoth.

Never follow others, follow your heart and mind. You are running along with the tide, which has been set specially for you. 


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