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A helping hand "Innovative Social Centre"

An organization in Nepal bringing positive changes .

Earthquake relief work by Innovative Social Centre

Innovative Social Centre is a local organization in Nepal serving for welfare of children, women and community. Since 2012, this organization has been involve with different social projects which includes helping children with home, education, food. Women empowerment teaching and supporting women English, handicrafts. Community cleanup program, earthquake relief work and care of street dog, support to Old age home, disable care and more.

Food supplies to Old Age Home

Innovative Social Centre  ( ISC ) focus programs related to children. ISC cares 11 children with home, food, education, clothes through the support of sister organization "Children Home Nepal". With the fact that more than 100,000 children of Nepal are out of school. ISC is continuously working to sponsor children with education in rural area with an aim to provide good education to every children of Nepal.

Women Empowerment program by Innovative Social Centre

Being a grass root organization, Innovative Social Centre has small group of staffs working everyday. This organization accept volunteers and intern support for current and upcoming programs. If you are looking for a charity to support and give your meaningful time. We highly recommend " Innovative Social Centre"

For giving your support:

Volunteer Nepal

Email: innovativesocialcentre@gmail.com 


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