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Dark and Lovely

The write up that follows is the copy of the innumerable e-mails I sent to lever.care@unilever.com, aiming at the racism and ridiculous advertisements and sales of their product "Fair and Lovely". It remains unheeded and neglected, but I'm glad I made the move and wanted to share the same with the world.

Greetings from India. This is with regards to your very famous product "Fair and Lovely". Just one question; When is "dark and lovely" hitting the markets? Oh I'm sorry, I guess there's nothing even remotely close to that hitting the markets anytime soon. Yeah of course dark and lovely cannot exist in the same sentence other than the one conveying it, right? It's funny how you make business out of turning people fair'er'. 

I hail from the Southern part of India and I would call my skin tone as caramel or as my friends call me 'dark chocolate'. Well, I still don't seem to understand as to why just the 'fairer' sex interests you. I'm comfortable with my skin tone but guess what, there's a billion girls/guys out there who invest extravagantly into such absurd products. Hindustan Unilever Limited research claims that “90 percent of Indian women want to use whiteners because it is aspirational, like losing weight. A fair skin is like education, regarded as a social and economic step up." I didn't really get the last part; well let's say I chose not to comprehend such a ridiculous statement. Your fairness cream advertisements poison innocent minds thus leading to shattering hearts and relationships and, an abysmal dive into self loath and diminishing self confidence. 

Your company could produce less derogatory products that deal with removing skin tan and not dig deep into the skin's melanin and claim to make some of us 'visibly fairer' and alter the very DNA our respective families carry. Please don't give me that its the demand that you cater to cause the demand was firstly fabricated because of the media which showcases such 'Racism'. Cause I'm Dark and Lovely nothing can change that, not even your very famous 'Fair and lovely'.


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