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Top 12 Business Collaboration Tools in 2018

As the competition is going tougher day-by-day, companies are always on their toes to establish successful business collaboration among employees.Here we have 12 Online Collaboration tools for Businesses that may help corporates for productive team communication at workplace.

Owing to the different nature of jobs of the employees, which vary from being an individual contributor to a supervisor of a group or a region, it becomes mandatory that employees are provided the essential tools for collaboration, such as a team collaboration app. 

Top 12 Business Collaboration Tools in 2018

Team Collaboration apps are loaded with features that include group chats and group calls so that employees can quickly and effortlessly brainstorm their ideas as and when needed. Besides, they also allow the members of a team to share different types of files over the Internet. Such features help in an effective communication between teams.

Among the multitude of business collaboration tools that are available for users, the following provides the best functionalities.

1. Troop Messenger 

Troop Messenger

It is the best-in-class business collaboration app when it comes to pricing, size, user-friendliness, and security. It is power packed with next-gen features that make its group chat more productive and entertaining at the same time.

2. Slack


It is a popular enterprise collaboration app that offers a variety of features. It has one version that is subscription free and two versions that have different subscription fees. Each version has its own benefits.

3. Stride 


It is a great team communication app that has been developed by the same team that built another team chat app called Hipchat. At its core, it is similar to Hipchat, but when it comes to its deployment, it significantly differs.

4. Twist


It has a unique feature of turning team chats into threads. It allows users to say something either by replying to a comment or by starting a new thread.

5. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams

This business chat app by the technology giant Microsoft comes in very handy for discussions about meetings and documents and offers a load of features essential in a collaboration.

6. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google not only has created the best search engine but also has made a fantastic office collaboration app that is one of the best in the industry. Hangouts are really effective when it comes to following up on team conversations.

7. Flock 


It is one of those tools that are greatly useful when it comes to collaborating ideas. Besides the advantages of a team collaboration, it has functionalities similar to those of a forum.

8. Cisco Spark 

Cisco Spark

It is a team messaging app that lets team members collaborate ideas in a very expressive way with its rich list of emoticons. Besides, it also has the regular features essential in a team communication.

9. Mattermost


It is one of the most customizable cloud messaging apps in the market. It is subscription free for self-hosted server editions but charges a fee for Mattermost-hosted server editions.

10. ChatWork 


This group chat app is specially designed for those who frequently need to interact with people outside their organisation for business purposes. It allows the user to collaborate through a unique Chatwork ID.

11. Cliq 


This is a chat tool for business that has a unique pricing strategy for the multitude of features that it provides. Its per-person-per-month cost decreases as the number of members in a team increases.

12. Glip 


Designed by RingCentral, this is another great team collaboration app with a special focus on group chats. Similar to other business collaboration tools, it allows users to make calls as and when necessary.

Business collaboration is thus one of the most important tools that organizations should deploy. The aforementioned team communication not only provides better collaboration between teams but also help in saving the time that is spent on sending emails.


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