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Where is artificial intelligence?

It is still learning forever

What is that one thing you recollect when you think of Artificial Intelligence? Robots, Films, Chatbots, Autonomous driving, Automation, Job loss, Personal Assistant, Predictions etc. AI has been the busiest word these days. There has been various perspectives about AI. It is still abstract for many. So Where can i find AI? 

Artificial Intelligence has started learning from day one when internet era started. There is so much data out there. It is everywhere around us. Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, IoT devices potentially everything that consumes internet feeds AI.  Uber predicts where you go next. iOS Mail says you to move a particular message to a folder. When you buy a particular product online, it tries to suggest something which you like, which you may not like. It need not be the bots you chat with or some fancy robots fighting each other or a program that outperform you in a game. 

After all, AI is everywhere with you. And It is you.