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The advantage of Bluetooth speakers


If it feels like almost every piece of consumer electronics comes with Bluetooth capabilities, that’s probably because almost all of them do. Bluetooth has become one of the most popular wireless communication technologies in human history, allowing for the hassle free interfacing between two (or more) devices with just the push of a button. Bluetooth speakers have absolutely exploded in popularity right alongside the smart phone and tablet craze that we’ve been experiencing in the last few years, but it’s critical that you understand exactly what to look for in Bluetooth speakers before pulling the trigger.

Let’s dive right in!

Why you’d want Bluetooth speakers in the first place

none of them trump the convenience of use that you’ll be able to enjoy the moment that you set this solution up. There’s nothing quite like throwing your favorite music on your smart phone and having a portable “boombox” wherever you are thanks to your Bluetooth Speakers under 200.

Exactly what to look for in the very best Bluetooth solutions

There are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to before purchasing these kinds of speakers, but we’re going to break down the three most important things you should be paying close attention to. While they certainly have come down in price over the last few years (and getting more and more feature-rich), this is still a reasonably expensive investment and one you’ll want to have all the information about before making your decision.

Performance is king

The most important thing to look at when purchasing these kinds of speakers is how they perform over the long haul. You need to know that your crisp and clear sound quality is going to last for at least some time, understanding that the speakers responsible for reproducing your sound are going to be able to stand the test of time.

Things such as frequency response, bass levels, clarity at different audio levels, and a whole host of other performance related questions need to be well researched before you decide to pull the trigger on this purchase – the last thing that you want to end up with is a set of speakers that don’t sound very good at all.

Extra features

Extra features are really what distinguish one set of Wireless speaker from another. Most of the technology today is relatively the same across the board, and it’s the extras that people throw in – the real bells and whistles, if you will – that end up pushing your decision one way or another. Right after the performance, the extra features that you’ll be able to enjoy at any given price point are probably the real make or break deciding factor, and you want to make sure that your specific speakers have all the extra features you were hoping for.

Warranty and support system

Most of us couldn’t even conceive of investing in any products whatsoever – at any price point – without knowing that we were fully protected every single step of the way. Knowing that the company you are purchasing from has a sterling silver reputation as far as customer service and support is concerned to give you a tremendous amount of confidence before you make a purchase. It’s also important to know that you’re going to be completely covered regardless of what happens to your device thanks to the included warranty.

All in all, Bluetooth speakers are definitely one of the more popular consumer electronics to purchase these days – but why wouldn’t they be?


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