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An Afghani version of stress, you also may come under this category!

A Story which differentiate the meaning of stress in 2 hours flight of distance Delhi to Kabul, also a sad reality of most of the people in India..........

A very rich 8 years old kid from north of Afghanistan in winter from a very poor family, he is rich because he has big dreams in mind,

While I came to India, it was too fascinating for me to see people men and women are working together which was something awesome and new for me, as I didn't know how to talk or write English, in my initial first 6 months I had to study English, my English knowledge contained a couple of simple sentences.

I started learning English in an academy, while I was learning English, I really kind of wanted to learn Hindi as well so I could at least mange to get an Auto in a cheaper price, people out of Bangalore can relate to this a lot and familiar of one and half culture of Auto walas, anyway so the administrator of the academy was a very kind, generous and open heart lady, I was learning a couple of very basic Hindi sentences everyday from her, while learning from her Hindi she use to tell about her family and how she loved her daughter and husband. whenever I met her I could feel something is missing, she was kind of denying by saying I am okay, everything is alright, but one final day she said her job was so stressful for her, which shocked me!!!

That was the time which I really got shocked of her answer, and I was like, how could a job 9:30 to 5pm in a beautiful furnished office with AC could be stressful, I just asked her, Really??? Is this what you mean by stress, then for a minute I just thought of what really stress means to me, to my sisters and brothers in Afghanistan, I could recall a lot of moments, I remembered that every time that I used to leave to school, hugging my mother and kind of wasn’t sure that if I was going home back again safely, it was scary and still is. most of the people leaving their homes morning, thinking of whether they will come home a live again.

A polite young men is looking to her Mother while she is talking on phone

This is what stress really means to Afghanistan, stress is question, which every moment an afghan asks, will he come home a live again. Whether he will see his family and friends again. It's not that easy to live in Afghanistan, people struggle each and everyday for survival, but I can still see a lot of people in India in Bangalore only, they own amazing families, beautiful houses, luxury cars and phones, but they still not happy with their lives. This is something which really makes me sad and kind of sometimes questioning god, in 2 hours flight distance away in another country, people are dying for a moment of peace, they are ready to give up all their wealth and treasures to get this element of chemistry, but here people are so disrespectful of what they owned. my request to whoever read this story of mine, please look around and see how much you have owned, and be thankful of that cause gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.

An Afghan old men serve Tea to a US army man, Afghans known the most Hospitable people. Hospitality is a heritage for them. 

I believe that one day Afghanistan will be one of the safest countries in the world, I have a dream, to see Afghans as respected nation, to respect and being respected. Here find out THE UNSEEN OF AFGHANISTAN of a different face of Afghanistan most of you are not aware of.