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Tips for building your first mobile app


Courtesy: Enterprenure.com

Key to building amazing apps that people love is through perseverance, trial and error. However, this can’t happen overnight. If you are looking to be an appreneur, remember there are millions of apps in Apple and Google Play App stores. In order to become a successful mobile app entrepreneur, it is important to study and analyze several parameters to understand what makes the best app and try to implement it in your app.

It’s about an idea

If you thought mobile applications is about coding, you are mistaken. It is about that one great idea that others have not thought about. And if you don’t have a revolutionary app idea, think about problems. People come across problems everywhere. Successful appreneurs have solved problems in a way that beyond imagination. Your app should be all about solving problems.

So look for problems in your daily life and start thinking on how you can resolve the problems with a mobile app. Your app should be all about making lives simple.

Validate idea

Before you take a plunge, it is important to validate your app idea. Validation will prove that a demand exists for your app. You can validate your idea by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. This will help find out whether people are actually looking for such terms on the internet. Glean from the competition and conduct a rigorous analysis of the market to make sure it's something worth building. Don't get obsessed with your idea and only research facts that support your idea. Look for reasons why the app is a bad idea.

Study the bad apps

One of the biggest mistakes is simply focusing on top ranking apps. Study the apps that were buried in the rubble of app charts. This will help you understand what not to do. It is important to introspect and ask yourself what the app did wrong and make sure you repeat the mistake.

Identify right technical partner

Appreneurs are not always coding genius. It is all about a core team that is passionate about mobile application development. It is important to have a technical co-founder or partner with a mobile app development company to transform your app idea into reality.

Believe in simplicity

It's important to build apps that simplify user’s lives and delight users. Simplicity is the key to success. From the functionality, start looking closely at eliminating additional or extra features that don’t add any value to the core app idea. This will help keep the costs of development down and also help you get to quick time to market.

Don't underplay distribution

Waiting for users to discover your mobile app in the app store would be a cardinal sin. Don’t overlook the importance of distribution. Or else you can build a phenomenal product and still have difficulty to gain market traction. App store optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app’s store. This technique helps improve your position in search results


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