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Win in Life with These 3 Simple Lessons!

There are so many lessons life give you unknowingly. You can learn a lot from them if you stay receptive.One such incident at my workplace taught me these important lessons. 

Win in Life with These 3 Simple Lessons!

Tuesday October 31, 2017,

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I was about to leave the office after a pretty tiring day and my TL ( Team Lead) has to bombard another hectic work which made me stretch few hours.

Me — “ Man! Why my TL always give me work when I have to leave”

My colleague, Akhil replied “When you will become TL you will also do the same”

My another colleague, Rahul heard something and asked: “ What happened?”

After Akhil explained to him the scene,

Rahul exclaimed, “ He will never become TL!”

Me —

Me = Shocked!! Image courtesy— Youtube 

Me = Shocked!! Image courtesy— Youtube 

I was shocked and suddenly thoughts started to come to my mind about Rahul

How can he be so mean?”

“ Am I so bad or Unworthy?”

All these thoughts started to flood my mind.

But Rahul added “ I mean, he will not stay in the company for long. He will do something of his own, something different”

We all smiled.

Me —

Image — LinkedIn 

Image — LinkedIn 

Here is what I learned

1) Most of the time, People don’t mean bad about us, we misunderstand them.

2) Don’t Judge yourself on the basis of what others have to say. You underestimate yourself the most.

3) When you mean something good for someone, it does matters how you express your views, otherwise, undesired meaning will be communicated.

PS — My TL read this while I was writing it in office.

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