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Revealed: 5 secret growth hacks that all successful Indian startups are using

Want to go from idea to unicorn? Adopt these 5 strategies that act as primary differentiators between beginner-level products and successful, scalable businesses.

I'm a digital publicist, and I have consulted some of India's best consumer-facing businesses, shaping their journey towards accelerated growth (read: customer acquisition and retention) in the past. Today, I am pleased to share the top 5 strategies that my most successful clients have been able to implement and implement fast, covering the 5 most important aspects of any B2C company's journey. These are all digital growth hacks and require little or no prior technical knowledge to implement. 

Note: If you need my assistance in implementing any of these, please drop a comment here and I'll happy to help in any way possible.

1. Sales Hack - Great, Simple, Short Sales Emails

This is by far the best FREE collection of sales emails that you can send to your prospective leads, developed from some of the world's top-performing email sales campaigns.


here to visit - Good Sales Emails" alt="Click here to visit - Good Sales Emails" />

2. PR Hack - Publish articles directly on The Times Blog

This is by far the PR industry's BEST KEPT SECRET! Did you know that you can directly get articles written about your startup, your product, your CEO/leadership or any service announcements on The Times Blog (www.thetimesblog.com)? You should, because most of India's fastest growing startups are already switching to this new format of PR instead of paying huge retainers to PR agencies with no tangible returns! Go to http://blogwire.thetimesblog.com to get started. 


here to register on blogwire directly!" alt="Click here to register on blogwire directly!" />

3. Tech Hack - Check the names of all websites using a specific technology!

Wanted to know the names of your competitors who are using the same tech as your website? Want to keep your tech stack unique and unmatched? Try Hunter.io's TechLookup tool. While its email verifier and domain search tools are widely known, very few people know of this tech offering from the Hunter stable. Those who do, stay one step ahead!

4. Content Hack - Perform a deep content search and know your competitor's traffic sources!

AHREFs is a much more powerful tool than any other content research tool, such as BuzzSumo or the formerly famous Klout. It lets you do a domain level search to understand the exact search terms that are driving traffic to any particular website, and gives you links to those pages so that you can publish better content and grow your in-house web traffic fast! Requires some advanced level knowledge of SEO to operate.

5. Idea Generation & Research Hack - Talk to an AI marketing bot for ten minutes every day!

GrowthBot is already a little popular, and arguably the most known tool in this list. But still, many CEOs and CMOs are yet to reap the benefits of talking to an artificial intelligence-powered learning tool, whcih can deliver search reports (SEO/Paid CPS reports), tell you the name of all web technologies that a website is using, and much more. Start talking to GrowthBot today and accelerate your learning curve!

That's about it! If you liked this list, share it or email it to a fellow founder/CEO whom you want to help. Want to impress your boss? Email it to them, or just tell them what you learnt here. Want to ask me how I managed to pick up this stuff? Drop a comment here. Till next time :)


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