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Five Reasons Why Companies Are Turning their Websites into Mobile Websites or Apps

Despite the many inherent benefits of mobile apps, it is highly recommended to look for the best android app development company in Delhi for creating a user-friendly Android app project.

Nowadays, every company is turning its website into an app for Android and iPhone devices. The main reason for this is customers have gone mobile and the number of mobile users is far greater than the number of desktop users today! Even the small business is giving preference to mobile apps because they do not want to miss any business opportunities.

If you’re planning to establish a mobile presence for your business or organization, you first need to consider the number of factors such as target audiences, available budget, the purpose or need and required features. It is important to considered mobile apps as it is the key factor in a small business’ success today. In addition, there are various other reasons why companies are turning their website into mobile apps to reach out the potential customers.


A mobile website or apps are instantly accessible to the users via a browser across a range of devices such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc. This can be done with the help of android app development company in India i.e.; CSIPL which has over 14 years of extensive experience and has successfully built & created more than 400 mobile apps successfully.


Single mobile websites are compatible across all the devices which can reach users at vast. Most importantly, you can easily integrate the mobile website URLs within other mobile technologies such as SMS, QR codes and NFC (near field communication).


When it comes to flexibility, mobile apps are more dynamic and can easily flexible to update content. You can even change the design or content of a mobile website by simply publish the edit once and all the changes are immediately visible.


It is easier for users to find mobile websites because their pages are displayed on the search results and listed in industry-specific directories. This makes qualified visitors to find you.


The mobile apps can be easily shared by publishers and between users via a simple link through text message, Facebook or Twitter post.


It is easier to reach the large and potential audience with the help of mobile apps because of its multi-device support feature. It does not require much effort and mobile apps surely know how to win this game for reaching the users at mass.

Work Offline

It is one of the most fundamental difference between a mobile website and app which has the ability to work offline. However, they still require internet or Wi-Fi connectivity but still mobile apps offer basic content and functionality in an offline mode to its users.

Apart from that, mobile apps can get you higher conversions with great personalization and operational efficiency. The mobile apps include more exclusive features which help to establish brand value in the market, can be linked to social media for business promotion, offers adequate security to the visitors, efficient to cater consumer demands and makes mobile user experience delightful.

Despite the many inherent benefits of mobile apps, it is highly recommended to look for the best android app development company in Delhi for creating a user-friendly Android app project. As there is a list of a mobile app development company in Delhi but the company which provides professional Android application development services to its clients is CSIPL (http://www.csipl.net/). The company delivers innovative solutions, engaging mobile apps to build a complex enterprise level e-commerce solution.

If you have the urge to build a mobile map or a mobile website, contact us and our professional team of mobile app developers will make sure to meet your requirements and to turn your app ideas into reality.


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