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Flutter vs React Native: Which Will Be the Best Choice For Business?

Flutter or React Native? Which one is better for your business? If we talk about performance, features, customization, flexibility, speed, and more which one is best to go with. Read the Comparision and know the best one.

In order to develop the mobile, and web applications users use different frameworks. But currently, it has been observed that most of the startups to large enterprises prefer Flutter and React Native to develop the apps.

Statista stated that 42% of small enterprises are using the mobile app, whereas it has been observed that 30% of small corporations are looking forward to developing a mobile app. 

Source: Statista

We all know that both the platforms provide tremendous performance, but what if you have to choose one among these two? For doing so, you should know all the pros and cons of the framework as this will help you to choose the best. Here I am going to discuss a few key points of Flutter and React Native; this will help you to end the battle between Flutter vs React Native.

Flutter Vs React Native Battle: Who will be the Winner??

React Native

It is one of the best free open source frameworks that use a JavaScript library to produce cross-platform applications. Facebook developed React Native framework. 

It is important to know the pros and cons of React Native as this will help in choosing the best framework:

What are the advantages of React Native?

  • Offers the native functionalities
  • Hot Reload feature is accessible  
  • Platform-specific code
  • Allows Implementation of Native UI components

What are the Drawbacks of React Native?

  • Offers the complex UI 
  • Non-seamless navigation
  • JavaScript does not support decimals; it is one of the major drawbacks.

Several Best React Native App Development Company India proffers the most reliable cross-platform app development services, but only a few hold the Offshore React Native app experts. You should select the certified company to hire React Native app coders; this only helps in developing the foremost React Native application.

Many popular mobile applications are built by using React Native framework; some of them are given below.

Popular apps designed by using React Native

  • Business & Telecommunication: Skype
  • Social: Facebook
  • E-commerce: Artsy
  • Finance: Bloomberg
  • Entertainment: Vogue

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Flutter is one of the widely used open-source frameworks that utilize dart technology to develop high-performance apps. Google developed the Flutter framework. 

In order to choose the best framework for your business, it is crucial to know the Pros and Cons of Flutter.

What are the advantages of Flutter?

  • Utilizes the C++ rendering engine
  • Offers the full set of widgets
  • Its architecture is based on reactive programming
  • Complete SDK
  • The applications designed by Flutter supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

What are the Drawbacks of Flutter?

  • Offers limited libraries 
  • Large application size
  • Rely on native tools and technologies to build mobile applications

Many Flutter App Development Company India proffers the preeminent Flutter app development service; this benefits startups, SMEs, and leading brands in producing the leading applications. Remember, you will be only able to produce the foremost app when you hire the dedicated Flutter app developers.

Several startups, SMEs and big brands employ Flutter to build the leading app; some of them are given below.

Popular App Designed By Using Flutter

  • Social: Hookle
  • eCommerce: Alibaba 
  • Utility: Google Ads
  • Lifestyle: Reflectly
  • Entertainment: Hamilton Musical
  • Finance: Birch Finance
  • Health and Fitness: Coach Yourself

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Comparison Between Flutter & React Native

On the basis of multiple factors, I have made the comparison between Flutter and React Native, this will assist you in picking the best framework and will also help to evaluate the Flutter vs React Native battle result.

What to Choose Flutter Or React Native?

In the StackOverflow Survey of 2019, it is mentioned that Flutter is More loved than React Native. Flutter holds 75.4% and React Native holds 62.5% in the listing of developers most loved frameworks.

Most Loved Framework

Source: StackOverflow Survey of 2019

If we view the stats then in Flutter vs React Native conflict, Flutter is leading. But we can’t deny the fact that React Native is the oldest framework and it is more experienced then Flutter. 

React Native holds 13.1% in the listing of developers most wanted frameworks; in this case, React Native is in a leading position. 

Ending Words

New versions of Flutter and React Native are released; this brings various updates that enhances the framework performance; that’s why the performance rate of framework fluctuates on the basis of updates. Due to this performance fluctuation, we can’t say who will win the Flutter vs React Native battle.

But one thing can support you in determining the best; now you might be thinking who can support? Qualified IT Consultant of an identified company can help you and even can recommend the framework as per your enterprise needs and requirements.


Worldwide, there are several React Native, and Flutter App Development Companies and each says that they present the excellent services but specifically who is the best we got to know later.

If you are also performing the same method to Hire Flutter App Developers and React Native App Programmers, then please discontinue this as this will not proffer you a better result. First, select the most reliable mobile app development company, and then hire the experts; this method will help your startups and SMEs businesses in expanding.


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