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Food Infopreneurship - My Inspiring Learning Amidst COVID19


Food Infopreneurship is what came to me when the world was being attacked by a savage virus. When the Earth was sanitising itself of all negativity, my deep self was doing the same.

From a Techie to a Food Infopreneur

As a techie having worked in the Corporate world from the past 15 years, I finally mustered the courage to take a giant leap of faith and embrace my true calling – Infopreneurship. It took my years to reach my current Corporate profile and yet the moment I heard that inner voice – I knew it was time to imbibe change.

I’ve seen all shades of the Corporate world – good, bad and ugly. I’ve observed the ups and downs. I’ve made my analysis of managements changing and better leader on-boarding. And I’ve fared extremely well through all of this. Yet, there was always this void of something missing.

Today, I can proudly say that I’ve taken courageous steps to fill that void. I know now that all this while my inner ‘self’ was calling out to me and asking me to ‘transform’ my life. Thus, began a new journey towards Food Infopreneurship.

My Perspective on Food Infopreneurship

Before I elaborate my perspective on Food Infopreneurship, let me introduce you this intriguing term Infopreneurship. This term comes from the mix of two word – info and entrepreneurship. 

As the words imply, Food Infopreneurship is about sharing one’s knowledge and experience about food with the intent of providing value.

In the era of digitalisation and globalisation, it is of paramount importance to share with people the accurate information they are looking for as readers. And the only way to achieve that is by sharing with the world things that you know from experience.

I mean even Google prioritises accurate and valuable searches now more than ever. Therefore as content creators and Infopreneurs, we have got to catch up.

Niche Blogging – The First Step Towards Infopreneurship

As somebody who believes in the power of valuable information, I can vouch for the fact that Blogging is the way ahead for becoming an Infopreneur.

Niche blogging is effective, personalised and an organic way to reach millions of people online. Blogging builds communities, trust and valuable information.

This is exactly why I’ve chosen to take the leap of faith and embrace my calling – Food Infopreneurship.

Mrs Feeds – My Maiden Food Infopreneurship Venture

Mrs Feeds’ – Yes that is the name of my maiden Food Infopreneurship venture. I’ve named it that way because I believe in preparing and serving food with compassion.

I am a Techie who also happens to be a Working Mom. My venture stems from the need of mine to spend more time with the two things I love – my family and culinary finesse.

Mrs Feeds is dedicated to all working moms who want to embrace their calling too while inspiring the world around, adding value by means of information and spending time with their families.

The first inspiration always calls out from within. I am happy that mine has finally begun.


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