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Free website Promotion ways you can’t live without !

As we know, time is money which means there are no promotion way is actually free ! But If you are seeking effective ways to promote your store without investing so much time, money, efforts, here are some free website promotion ways you can do !

Free website Promotion ways you can’t live without !

Thursday January 31, 2019,

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If you don’t have a blog which means you miss a great way to promote your store. A blog with interesting & fresh content is essential for any organic Seo success and effective tool to attract the potential visitors !

Be guest author on your respected blog & web magazines 

Be author on blogs or web magazines in your industry is one of the effective ways for increasing  the brand awareness of both you, your company, services, products by linking back to your website. You can contact and ask them if you can be a guest author. In most case, they will allow you to link back to your website. Thank for your comments or blog articles potential visitors will find your site.

Find guest authors for your blog.

You can search guest authors and contact them. If you are established website with community of its own, you can ask your community to participate in blog posting. In most cases guest author will also promote the article on his own, giving you free promotion. You save much time for writing.

Comment on relevant blogs

By commenting on relevant blogs you will in most cases give targeted traffic to your website and increase awareness of your existence to the blogger. If you spend a lot of time and energy into writing a valuable content in your comments, the blogger might decide to award your efforts and link to you via blogroll. Some of these blogs are “do follow” blogs and commenting on them will provide you with SEO benefit to. It is one of effective free website promotion ways you should try !

Linking to relevant content in your blog posts

By linking to other relevant sources you show your give additional value to your content for the readers. Most of the websites track their visit statistics and referral sources and this free website promotion ways you will also raise awareness of your existence in the eyes of your niche.

Wikipedia article about your ( company ,website,product )

Wikipedia has rank really well on Google and be really effective source of targeted traffic. You should spend some time and effort for creating the wiki entry as you don’t want your entry to be disapproved. In this first time submitting something to wikipedia, you should spend some time researching the similar wiki entries and reading the guidelines.

Facebook application

Facebook applications tend to create even bigger viral effect then facebook groups or pages, especially if you play the cards right. Make something cool and fun that people will love to share and make sure to have a plan on how will you benefit from the application.

LinkedIn group

You can create a LinkedIn group not only about your company, but also about your relevant industry. You should make a effort and invest your time to bring your group useful information. If you success in building a nice community, you will have a chance to send emails to entire group and to make any discussion featured and thus for control where the traffic of your group will be sent.

Join in LinkedIn discussions

The discussions on linked in (group discussions and questions and answers) tend to bring really nice and targeted traffic and if you place a relevant link to your blog post or article in it. Try not to look spam my and only link to your articles.

Try Digg

Dig’s traffic is declining, however, it still remains one of the most valuable sources of Free website Promotion ways and targeted traffic you can find online. You have to build yourself a network of friends on Digg which requires a lot of time and effort.

 Try Social bookmarks

Social bookmarks is one of the Free website Promotion ways for your businessYou should try with StumbleUponand Del.icio.us. Also using less popular social networks might bring you some traffic easier as competition is lower.

Publish press releases

There are a lot of websites allow you submit your press release. You can search them on google. This way is not as effective as it use to be but it’s still worth the effort

Exchange links

Use search engines to find relevant websites to your industry and contact them in order to try to establish a link exchange. In most cases both websites will benefit from such a exchange as long as you are exchanging links with websites relevant to yours

Exchange banners:

The same rules apply here as in link exchange case. Try avoiding the big banner exchange networks and rather concentrate on setting up exchange deals on your own with websites you actually wont to exchange banners with.

Submit your site to web directories :

There are really lots of web directories that will allow you to list your website on them for free.

Submit your site to CSS

If you have a nice looking website design, it’s a shame not to share it with the world. Some of these galleries are really popular and could bring nice traffic.

Join in the forum communities

You can link back by your forum signature. You also mention some of your blog posts in forum discussions they actually solve the problem asked in discussion. This will bring highly targeted free traffic to your website.