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From an Engineering Student to Digital Marketer - My Journey

From an Engineering Student to Digital Marketer - My Journey

Wednesday March 13, 2019,

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Debarpan Mukherjee

I am Debarpan Mukherjee, a Tech savvy who graduated in engineering but discovered my true passion in blogging and SEO expertise. I am a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, an SEO Expert, and Entrepreneur.

I have always kept that entrepreneur sparkle within me. While studying engineering I started taking interest in SEO, SMO, PPC, Web Developing etc. First launched my own blog on Blogspot platform with a free domain back in 2010. That time was using 2g mobile internet to design the blog and it took 8 months to finish it. In 2013 made one of my most successful website TechTrickHome which is still running good and giving regular profits from Google Adsense and Other Online Earning Platforms. Few months after starting my blog, I received great response from all over the world and the blog turned out to be one of the most famous tech blog in India.

I was featured in Times Of India Weekly Addition. I was applauded by various other top bloggers throughout India and interviewed in some other famous blogs along with famous blogger Neil Patel.

After graduating in engineering on 2014, I worked hard for quite a few companies till I got the financial freedom to become my own boss. I have a genuine curiosity for acquiring new knowledge. It all started out of my dream to help people with my expert skills in SEO, WordPress design and successful online marketing. Now I have the confidence and inner satisfaction that respectively my clients are able to fulfill their own dreams as I help them on their journey of developing and maintaining websites.

Currently I am running a Digital Marketing Agency from my living room and help my clients from several country to help them improve the online presence of their business grow using SEO and SMO.

There are 4 indispensable SEO tools that I am using and I highly recommend for webmasters to acquire knowledge about them.

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is crucial for the online marketers because it provides the best high quality and detailed information so I recommend a detailed analysis of your site’s metrics.

  • Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster Tool provides some of the same data as Analytics, but in a simpler and more accessible way. It is more understandable for newbie webmasters.

  • Mozbar Tool: You can put it at the top, side, or bottom of your browsing window. It gives you an immediate report about the website you that you visit.

  • Ahrefs for Competitor Back-link Spy: It allows you to enter a domain and view that domain’s back-links. A user can even see detailed information meaning link anchor text, page authority, and domain authority of the back-links of a given domain. The good thing is that you can view back-link URLs for that domain and whether they are do-follow or no-follow links which is actually awesome.

I believe that in 2019 the role of the professional search engine optimization would be undergoing a major transformation.

  • We need to emphasize on User Experience known as UX. Though Google hasn’t come out to say that good UX impacts the search rankings, there is a lot of speculation that it will add mobile UX into its algorithm. That means that if you want to drive more organic traffic to a certain page, that page has to provide a good user experience.

  • The role of Digital Marketing and Branding will increase. If it used to be so easy to get links before by submitting to a few directory listings, some press release submissions, a bunch of articles posted to article directories, now it is so much harder. There is no such thing as an easy link now. Every link, whether manually or organically acquired, requires a lot of thought and a little bit of work, and we have to be more original and creative when getting links.

  • Site Speed. You may already know that there are a few factors that can affect your site’s authority, regardless of your content. For example, sites that load quickly rank far higher so make changes to improve your site speed wherever possible. Having SSL encryption also provides a ranking boost, and though it is currently slight, it’s likely to increase in the future.

  • Sustainable Organic Search Strategy. If anything is changing in SEO in 2019, it’s the return to best practices in organic search to determine rank, authority, and importance in search query results.

  • Focus on keyword intent even more, to account for Hummingbird changes. Improve URL structure. Clean up link structure and focus on fewer links.

Social media also take an important role to improve your online business. Only search engine can’t help you to grow your business. You need to take care of social media as well.

With more than 1.2 billion users, Facebook connects businesses with existing and potential customers. It helps them grow by providing us a platform to interact and engage with the audience. So when optimizing a Facebook page customized to your business you need to take into account the custom Facebook marketing (posting, contests, social monitoring, and reputation management). This is true for the other social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

One of the greatest metrics for measuring the success of your social media marketing is audience engagement. The best way to prompt it is by posting and featuring interactive content on these social networks. Whether it’s polls and surveys, contests or interactive contact forms, but we as marketers need to engage the audience!

Matt Cutts said Facebook, Twitter Social Signals are not a part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms. Yet they play a significant role in Social sites, especially Google Plus(Which is going to shut down soon), impact your search engine rankings the most. Anyways, I am for naturally increasing the followers of a given profile by providing quality and engagement instead of rushing into black hat methods risking the site’s positive reputation. In this respect, to answer your question, I am against buying social signals.

Instead, I recommend that you spend more time on your social profiles , especially that of Facebook, observing the behavior of followers and elaborating on the appearance of your posts.

I don’t recommend using grey hat or black hat SEO practices. Google is organized in such a way as to discover the best and most useful information in search results so if you offer quality you will definitely notice an uplift with the proper application of modern SEO techniques.

Finally, I can say that India is the second bigger biggest internet user by country. Online market is going to be the best business option for any newcomer, as the young generation love this online world. So you can’t ignore the power of digital marketing and SEO.