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Growing market of Grocery delivery business amid COVID-19 outbreak: How to sustain in this market?

Daily download rates of Instacart, Walmart Grocery have seen a massive surge by 218%, 160% respectively since February. This pandemic has made the wages of delivery persons to increase from $2 to $17 per hour. Get to know how to sustain in this growing on-demand grocery delivery market.

Lives are changing. The impact of coronavirus has created troubling waves among people globally. Governments are implementing nation-wide lockdowns to curb the transmission of this menace. People fear to step into the streets. They are confined to the walls of their home. People come out occasionally for essential services like food, grocery shopping, etc. However, people are finding it more and more difficult to step out of their homes. 

To counter the demands of the people, on-demand apps are surging in this quarantine season. The food and grocery delivery market has boomed exponentially since the outbreak of COVID19. These apps deliver food and grocery to the doorsteps of the people. People are inclined to use the app, order their products, and get them delivered instantly. The market is reacting quite well to satisfy the needs of the customers. However, certain platforms are breaking down due to increased demand or unavailability of goods. 

The growing market of Grocery delivery business

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, the grocery delivery business is gaining popularity. The stats justify the same, 

Daily download rates of Instacart, Walmart Grocery have seen a massive surge by 218%, 160% respectively since February. 
Of the daily downloads recorded, Instacart saw a maximum of 38,500 downloads per day and Walmart Grocery saw 54,000 downloads per day. 
To meet the growing demand, these online platforms have started to hire delivery professionals. 
Amazon is planning to hire 100,000 delivery persons to meet the demand by the customers. 
Instacart, on the other hand, plans to hire 300,000 delivery persons over the next three months. 
This pandemic has made the wages of delivery persons to increase from $2 to $17 per hour. 
Overall, there has been a 35% increase in the number of orders placed on these online platforms. 

If you are looking to enter this potential business venture, try app solution like Instacart clone. Also you need to know how to sustain in the market before setting foot into the venture. 

How to sustain in the market for an increased time-frame? 

One major concern for any business owner is the sustainability of the business in the market. Growing demands leads to increased sales. But to sustain in the market, it requires more than just sales. Let us discuss them here, 

  • Maintaining the supply chain: The supply chain is crucial for the seamless functioning of the grocery delivery business. Supply chains in a grocery delivery business include stocking of goods, selecting goods as per the order, delivering order through delivery professionals. So, maintaining the supply chain is highly essential. If any parameter of this supply chain is broken, orders cannot be fulfilled. Hence special care must be taken to maintain this supply chain. 
  • Restocking commodities: Your sales can go on for a specified period. The sales flow is disturbed if the piled up stocks get depleted. Measures must be taken to replenish the goods in the inventory. Restocking is highly essential because an ‘out of stock’ sign on the app means a customer is neglected. Customer satisfaction is primary to uphold the business at its increased rate. The restocking of commodities ensures the supply chain is not broken halfway. Adequate stock beforehand can come in handy. 
  • Hiring delivery professionals: Delivery professionals are the backbones of the grocery delivery business. It is to be noted that delivery professionals also constitute the supply chain. To meet the demand, hiring delivery professionals are essential. Giants of the industry have already begun to hire delivery professionals. To sustain in the market, delivery is essential and so hiring them could add to revenue as well. 

The idea of multi-niche delivery app solutions

Due to COVID’19, people have considered on-demand apps to be their one-stop destination for essential services. Food delivery and grocery delivery apps have risen to the occasion and have surged in this quarantine season. What if you can provide food and grocery delivery in one app? This is where the idea of a multi-niche delivery app sets in. Providing multiple delivery options in one app can be greatly beneficial to users.

Users feel that the services are easily accessible through a single app. Apps like Gojek have been providing multiple services in a single app. You can also enter into the business venture by developing a multi-niche delivery app. Multi niche delivery apps can be convenient and reliable business options. People need not switch across app pages for food and grocery delivery. With just a single tap, multiple delivery services can be availed of. 

Advantages of a multi-niche delivery app

  • Users can have a one-stop destination for both food and grocery delivery. 
  • Accessibility to these services is improved substantially by providing them in a single app. 
  • Admin can monitor multiple activities simultaneously. 
  • The delivery professionals assigned to deliver food can also deliver groceries. 
  • Expenditure on delivery persons is reduced due to multiple delivery services offered in a single app.


People of all ages are beginning to believe that the capability of smartphones. When people can get whatever they demand even during this pandemic situation, what is to hesitate from using these on-demand apps. Doorstep services have revolutionized the market globally. The inclination towards these apps will continue to increase. Various nations have extended their lockdown period due to the impact of COVID’19. Under these life-threatening conditions, people demand essential services to survive. Even if they can’t step out of their homes, they get instant services.

Business owners cannot look for a better time to venture into delivery services. Adopting multi-niche delivery services can increase the reliability of users towards the app. So, to sustain and conquer the market, follow these measures and adopt proper hygiene habits. Approach an app development company, tell them your specifications, and get the app developed instantly. 


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