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3-Step Guide to Launch Powerful Employer Branding Strategy During COVID-19

There are a number of ways of how a company works on strategies to create a great brand name. But when it is about employer branding, it is important to think in a bit different way.

Everyone wishes to have great employees on the team so that the best results can be gained. This can be only possible when you can promote your company to be a great place to work with. This is also known as employer branding.

Why is Employer Branding Required?

Employer branding is required for a number of reasons today such as:

  • Attracting more number of right candidates for your company.
  • Attractive more number of recruitment agencies to hire candidates for you.
  • Taking lesser time in the recruitment process.
  • Always standing ahead of the competition.

When it is known why employer branding is important, it is a great idea to know the ways how strategies can work in order to achieve employer branding.

Steps to a powerful Employer Branding Strategy

There are a number of ways of how a company works on strategies to create a great brand name. But when it is about employer branding, it is important to think in a bit different way. Here are some of the important steps that can be helpful. 

Making Use of the Brand Name: If you are already a techigem, people will always have a curiosity to work with you. Make full use of it. When customers are acquainted with the brand experience of a particular brand, people will also have a feeling that the brand will be a great place to work with also. Do not let this experience go away. You can either directly keep a recruitment drive highlighting your brand name or can also get help from the recruitment service providers to showcase your brand in order to fetch candidates for your team. 

There are so many candidates who will come up through the brand name. Also, when you are getting help from the recruitment agency, they make sure to try all the hacks to make the candidates attracted to the brand. 

Reviews from Other Employees: Whether it is an ex-employee or a current employee, reviews from these employees help a lot in attracting a good number of people to be a part of the team. Nobody can explain the brand experience as better as the employees of the company. When you offer a great experience to your employees and you are sure about it, you can be also sure that the employees will drop a good review of you on the review platforms. 

Today, there are a number of review platforms available that offer the ex-employees as well as the current employees the chance to drop a review about their experience in the company. Brands often check these reviews and then work over the negative points so that they can offer a better experience to the other employees. 

Also, candidates who are about to go for an interview in these brands also go through these reviews at times to understand the environment. When a good many employees have showcased good experience about the brand, this helps in enhancing your employer branding and hence attracting good candidates to be a part of the team. 

Social Media: Social media offers a genuine and amazing platform for the purpose of enhancing employer branding. There are so many companies today who regularly post different stories and events that are happening in the company. It can be a festival celebration that may have taken place in the office or an award recognition day or something else. 

Also, some companies post about the experience of individual employees of the company from time to time. These posts seem to be really motivational and attractive. A summary of the feedback collected by brand experience software can be also displayed for better transparency in the post. 

You can also try out making a profile in all the famous social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It is said that images can speak much more than words.

Thus, you can post images of any events that have taken place or any project that is on the go or even about the culture of the office. These factors are very important in attracting good candidates who wish to work in a big place. When you have the best candidates in front of you for the recruitment process, you can surely select the right one for your team. 

Employer branding is important not just to attract good candidates but also to help the present employees retain in the company for a longer time. In order to save time in recruitment, it is important to use strategies that can help in improving employer branding that can attract good candidates. For making such strategies, tools such as experience software can play a major role.


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