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Healthcare App Development; Witnessing Unprecedented Growth

By Mona Eltahawy|13th Aug 2019
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Healthcare Mobile App Development; Witnessing The Unprecedented Growth

The complete Healthcare Industry has been hit by the wave of technology. A lot of technical developments and multiple creations of seamless Healthcare app development are the reasons behind the growing acceptance of technology in the field of the healthcare industry.

Health is one of those aspects of life that cannot be neglected at any cost. And, thanks to the development of effective mobile apps. Health-related needs have not only been streamlined. But have also enabled us to manage our health with full convenience.

The regular expansion and evolution of operating capabilities if applications especially based on the healthcare industry have been the fuel for driving the massive improvements and advancements in the healthcare unit. The developments have reached to such an extent that they have ameliorated both the healing and the diagnosis process.

As already mentioned the graveness attached to the concept of health, consumers using these apps crave more transparency and elevated user experience. Such that it can satisfy their medical health requirements.

It, therefore, becomes important for any business that is trying to pave its way into this industry, to carve an app with a glut of functionalities. Doing this will ensure the best user experience for the customers.

Popular Tech Innovations Impacting The Healthcare Industry

•       Internet of Things

•       Cloud Solutions

•       Blockchain Technology

•       Artificial Intelligence

•       Data Security

•       And Much More

Let us have a better understanding of some of the above-mentioned trends.

Must-Have Features Of A Healthcare Mobile App   

“Tracking, Payment, Reviews, Analytics, Prescriptions, Notifications, and much more...”


In order to increase the significance of your app in the digital world, there are features that you cannot miss. Below mentioned are the features that are going to ensure the success of your app in the market. Have a look.     

1. Blockchain Technology- Leading The Transformation

Blockchain is shattering the greatest assumption that- it can be only used in the cryptocurrency industry. This technology has paved its way in healthcare and is ready to completely revolutionalize it. The fusion of Blockchain technology and healthcare mobile apps are going to help the patients. Like getting treated in a proper and synchronized environment. But that is not all, it also ensures privacy and high-end security to the patient's personal information.

This is because Blockchain works well with the cryptographic network. This network creates a secured space in order to protect the data from any possible fraud. This technology is capable to shoot the level of security to such an extent that it is going to be impossible for the infiltrators to breach the system.  

2. Cloud-Based Solutions

The commencement of mobile applications have simplified a lot of tasks. Like, the convoluted process of visiting a doctor or taking advice on any health-related matter an extremely simple task. It is because of the Cloud-based support delivered by the applications. Cloud-based solutions not only allow the patients to access information irrespective of time and place. But it also provides a huge number of other benefits. Take a look...  

•       Health Data Analytics- It is one of the most noticeable and prominent features of the cloud. And one can keep a track of data in it, with more personalized care.

•       Streamlined Communication- Since Cloud computing helps in storing data, applications that are supporting cloud computing are going to ensure streamlined computing. Even at a considerable distance. 

•       Electronic Records- Developing of smart applications also make sure to provide synchronized storing on patients' medical records. 

3. Wearable devices Connection

In the past few years, some of the remarkable developments in technology have left a powerful impact on the world. The concepts on which those developments are based on are still ruling over the digital and health industry.

One such concept is the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). It is basically a process of associating electronic smart devices over the internet. IoMT is based on the concept of the Internet of Things. In this we connect the devices like mobile, cars, homes, etc with the Internet. This complete process has coined the development of a new device in the digital industry. And that is wearable devices.

The world is welcoming this development with open arms.  

4. Online Appointments Booking Services

Do you know the one thing that the patients are scared of? It is the long process of making appointments, for meeting doctors or visiting hospitals. And the delays made by them may also lead to the deterioration of their health. 

Therefore, apps have made it easy to make appointments online. This feature has enhanced the functionality of healthcare apps.   

Types Of Healthcare Applications

Category #1 Healthcare Apps For Patients

•       Preventive applications for diagnosis 

•       Healthy lifestyle

•       Reminder apps including medical tracking and some health habit

•       Mental health

•       Dieting

•       Women’s health

•       Monitoring applications for chronic conditions


Category #2 Professional Healthcare Apps On

•       Professional networking

•       Doctor's appointment

•       Medical database and reference

•       Patient medical-health tracking

•       Doctor's on-demand

What Are The Challenges Faced During The Development Of A Health-Based Apps?

There is no doubt in the fact that during the process of developing an application there are some challenges. A lot of expected and unexpected problems are created. Therefore, it is necessary to put your best foot forward. But for that, you need to be aware of all the challenges that may decrease the quality of your app. Below mentioned are the most common reason that directs and app towards its failure.

•       Absence of user-friendly content

•       Poor usability

•       Initiating development without proper app concept and purposes

•       Mediocre understanding of the healthcare environment

•       Lack of feedback

Last but not least...

Seamless healthcare mobile app development is not at all an easy task. Therefore it becomes important for your business to connect with the company that has the necessary experience. That to in developing an application for the healthcare industry. And that is not all, the company must also know the process to enhance the benefits of the application. For example;

•       Monitoring patient information

•       Managing schedule

•       Enhancing communication

•       Reminding about various health events

•       Providing electronic access to health records and information

Therefore, you need to get in touch with the best mobile app development company. Whose brood of enthusiastic developers is focused to create an app for your business to climb the success ladder. Choose a team that never settles. Because an easy path during the development process. Can impose a threat to an advanced user-experience. So what are you waiting for, reach the experts today!  


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