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How Automation use for business process?

“Automate” is the simple solution for IT and business processes.

How Automation use for business process?

Monday January 21, 2019,

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It is not that easy to manage multiple processes at a  time, and it’s not precisely hopeful when all absurds are floating around in different platform. Probably You are always struggling with the unconnected tasks, which keeps you away from focusing on higher level strategy. Have you ever felt that a single work is controlling you? What if everything is controlled in a single platform?

Automation brings you to combine the power of IT process with an application inauguration on a single platform, and it lets you focus on the task.  It enables you to focus on creative and core areas of business rather than focusing on single tedious task.

Automation will effectively automate the IT process and which requires no code. It will be done by just dragging and dropping. There are more than 600 pre-built activities in action where you can build custom solutions which will perfectly fit your business needs and schedule single task to be triggered by real-time events.

You could integrate and automate the Extraction of data from tons of applications. Business Process Automation(BPA)Automation is a technology that enables automation of services or activities that accomplish a proper workflow without human interaction in between the process. It can be laid down in different segments of an organisation such as management, company activities, sales, operation, supply chain, human resource and information technology.

The central theme of management of any organisation is to maximise their shareholders' value or return on investment, to achieve this target we need to eliminate the process that takes time and money.

Business workflows in terms of processes, you need to identify whether it is a discrete process or a series. The automation task begins with identification of process which needs to be automated and ensuring that the process will go according to our expectations.  (Each work has to be efficient and effective if it is a repetitive process anywhere, whether we need to automate.)

Let's consider an Example here: “purchase order processing” It is a repetitive task in an organisation. Business process automation will automate this kind of repetitive tasks and enables the organisations in processing the orders timely without any errors.  

Business Process Automation is re-energising the multiple industries by eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks ranging from simple data entry jobs to complex processes. It creates an organisation which is entirely efficient.

Benefits of automation:-

  • Quality and consistency
  • Time-saving
  • Metric visibility
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Reduced Turnaround time
  • Cost reduction
  • Elimination of human error
  • Decision-making process, etc.

This is an essential component of Automation. So you need to optimise and streamline your business processes that are accurate result, accuracy, faster, robustness and flexibility.

In BPA you need to understand-

  • How is the data collected?
  • How is it processed?
  • Where is the information produced?
  • What the information is produced, and then accordingly you make your work start. (clarity     needed)

What is the contrast between Automation to Next degree that is Robotics?

If you look at the classic automation in the world of IT,  It could be a trade reconciliation, accounts payable, ERP, etc. and all the system do stuff, and they do, a thing well but there are exceptions, and those exceptions will make transactions fail.

Traditionally business process outsourcing has been all about Exception management.  Human beings have to follow specific rules and regulations to perform the works, and we cannot guarantee that they act without errors. But when it comes to process automation, it completes the tasks with zero tolerance.  So Robotics process automation is taking the manual processes and developing a set of rules which together can automate the business process.

What are the benefits of choosing RPA?

Let’s discuss the benefit of two different points of views:-

  • Enterprise
  • People

  • Enterprise:-If we consider automation at  Enterprise point of view, the first thing that comes to our mind is “cost”. Automation can bring down cost of production by automating the tasks that require enormous investments.  And other benefits are turnaround time and quality. If you buy process robot that does something as efficiently as human and even delivers the services 24/7. So the productivity goes up which means that turnaround time for transaction comes down, service level compliances become better, and the other one is Quality because once you streamlined an automated process, you operate with 100% Quality. So turnaround time and Quality Rate are the two most significant benefits that you receive through process automation.
  • People -Lots of people have this misconception about automation that it replaces human beings with robotics and unemployment problem becomes severe. This concept is not entirely true, so what happens behind this?  Let's examine the below two ideas to get to know each in detail.

  Automated Full-Time Equivalent(AFTE) -Automated Full-Time Equivalent(ATE) does End to End process and manages fully automatic operation, the opportunity for those are few and far between. So what happened, let’s take an example - As a worker you produced widget, and you do 20 steps in creating a widget, what we found that this 20 steps can’t be automated but step no.14, 15, 16, and step no.7, 8 can be automated. So new concepts come into light that is called Personal.

 - Personal Robotics Assistance(PRA)- Personal Robotics Assistance are specialised robots that will do 2,3,4 steps. Now you as a worker can invoke PRA to help you and assist you. So now instead of producing ten widgets, you are creating 20 widgets.

  Advantage of PRA-

  • It enhances the work process.
  • Workers can able to increase their productivity.
  • They will have more chances to earn bonuses, and they are making more money by doing creative work.
  • They are getting better job outfit.

“Change your business processes with an award-winning automation solution”.

Conclusion:-In IT Environment, not all the business forms are brilliant and canny. A large number of them are reliant on different IT frameworks and not generally converse with one another. Such every day and dull assignments are tedious and work concentrated for people. With the present mechanisation techniques, it takes large IT change designs and usage procedures to make progress to it. Here comes the pertinence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA holds the ability to robotise practically all the dreary, every day and rule-based assignments and work more rapidly precisely and enthusiastically, contrasted with an individual. It utilises a machine (robot) that has strong combination and mechanisation capacities which can mirror human connections with web applications, sites, gateways, Excel worksheets, inheritance green-screen applications, and email and computerised the errands.

Brief Bio:-

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