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How Big data is useful in end-to-end app development?

How Big Data is useful in end-to-end app development? Mobile app development company makes it possible to offer excellent apps with big data technology.

There are thousands of app development companies in the whole world. Millions of people are related to the profession of mobile app development. Hundreds of new mobile apps are launched and deployed in the market every day. There are various platforms available for developers to showcase their talent. iOS, Android, and Windows are some of the famous platforms for mobile app development. Apps are not for mobiles only. There are web-based applications also. Now that the technology has grown, we now have progressive web apps. These are the apps that work on browsers but act like native apps.


As there are so many different types of apps, it is obvious that all have different requirements. More the requirements, more the career opportunities.


Companies have been using various tools and strategies to build amazing mobile apps. To determine the success of any mobile app, an app development company must take care of each and every minute aspect of development. Before we jump to the development phase, there are some other phases that need focus.


Big data is simply amazing. Those who think that big data can only be used in marketing are doing it all wrong. It is a revolutionary technology. Many great brands like Uber, Amazon, Starbucks are using big data in various ways. Isn't that amazing how one technology can be helpful throughout the process of app development.


There is a huge ocean of data in the market. Big data tool is a technology which extracts this huge data from the market with the help of APIs (application programming interfaces) and analyses this data. Remember, big data and analysis of big data are two different terms. Companies who can successfully team up these terms can gain great success. One need not have great technical knowledge of big data analysis. What we mean here is that big data tools are extremely easy to use. Even a non-programmer can use big data analysis tools effectively.

Let us see how big data analysis can be helpful in end-to-end app development process:


1. Determine success rate of app idea

When does an app development company start working? Without an app idea, the app development company cannot initiate the work. To get an idea, developers first need to identify the problems. There are various problems in the market which requires the spotlight. It requires keen observation to identify pain points of the prospects. How can a technology tool be helpful in telling what should be the app about? Yes, it is possible.

Big data marketing tools are here to help you. Companies can use big data and analyze it to determine what are the pain points of people and how an app can help resolve those pain points. Once the tool determines pain points, it is easy to figure out some solutions. Browsing history is a useful thing! Big data does not conduct any sort of market survey.

No persons wander place to place of call people to ask what are their problems. Big data only uses the data present on the internet. 55.1% of the world's population uses the internet. Source. The number of internet users is growing with a rocket pace. Hence, the amount of data generated every day is also increasing to a great extent. From this data, developers can generate great app ideas.


2. Determining customer requirements

Now you have a full proof idea of an app. Great start. Let us jump to the strategizing part. Before starting actual coding, every app development company strategizes something. It is important to determine what features are necessary to make the app a blast. If you have an app idea that has already been worked on by someone, it is a good thing! Yes! Big data analysis can be used to see, what the reviews of the competitor app users’ are. By analyzing those reviews, developers can determine what features are missing in those apps and can add those features in their own apps. Also, big data helps to understand what the complications with existing features are. Developers can avoid adding such features from the very beginning.


3. Understand who is going to buy your app

Just how determining customer requirements is necessary, it is important to determine who are the potential users. Big data can be useful while creating buyer's persona. Buyer’s persona is very vital in marketing. We will see it in next point. To develop buyer’s persona, it is essential to determine who is the buyer. Big data is used to analyze certain questions like What age group will be most interested in the app. Which area to target? What can be the possible economic standards of prospects? Big data marketing tools are used to answer all such questions.


4. Marketing

Big data and Digital marketing are two deeply related terms. It is important to understand that digital technology like apps needs a digital marketing approach. Big data is used to offer personalization. When we search something on the internet, we start seeing ads related to that particular search everywhere we go browsing. This is nothing but personalization. Big data uses caches from different IP addresses and sees what is searched the most.


5. User experience

A single app user generates a huge amount of raw data. Mobile app development company should be able to analyze the data as there is no knowledge of the importance of that data. But when big data is used, the large sets of user-generated data is collected and is used to offer great customer experience. App developers can analyze, which feature of the app is most popular and which feature of the app is not so popular. Once they are able to understand why a certain feature is not delivering satisfactory customer experience, changes can be made in the next updates of the app.


6. Testing

After app development, testing starts. Though some good app development companies prefer assigning a separate app testing team, it is important to focus on testing techniques. It is important to follow data-driven testing rather than scenario based testings. The traditional testing tools are unable to manage large volumes of data. Big data techniques offer testers with unique skill sets which are useful for testing large and complex data sets.



The big data technology has brought great ease in the end to end the app development process. All developers are supposed to do is focus on app development and adding great features in the apps to satisfy end users.


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