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How political parties can use cloud telephony during elections

Cloud telephony enables political parties to run multiple voice broadcasting and SMS campaigns from a user-friendly dashboard. Also, it helps them organise polls and surveys so that grievances of potential voters can be acknowledged and resolved.

Cloud telephony has turned out to be extremely beneficial for politicians. It serves as a game changer during elections. Parties have utilised this technology promote their political campaigns among voters. Cloud telephony makes it possible for political parties to connect with their voters and supporters even remotely.

Most importantly, one of the best things about the cloud is that you don't need infrastructure support to store and access information. Cloud telephony enables political parties to run multiple voice broadcasting and SMS campaigns from a user-friendly dashboard. Also, it helps them organise polls and surveys so that grievances of potential voters can be acknowledged and resolved.

Inbuilt text-to-speech integration feature also helps to personalise the campaign message. Parties can customise the message as per the target audience they aim to approach. Furthermore, supporters can get in direct touch with party workers with the help of party IVR. This not only builds trust but strengthens the relationship with party volunteers and workers at the same time. This article lists and discusses the various benefits of cloud telephony for political parties.

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Cloud telephony offers a lot of advantages which can be very profitable for political parties. Below are some of the most significant benefits of cloud telephony.

1. Personalised Approach

The best thing about cloud telephony is that it connects parties and its potential voters in a more personalised way.  A large number of political parties make use of IVR technology to address their voters.

Reaching out to voters in their native language presents a personal touch in the conversation. Besides convenience, this approach gives your voters an idea that attending to customer needs is your priority.

2. Reach Out To More Voters

If you want your political campaign to be successful, it is essential to reach out to as many voters as possible to acquaint them with your election promises and agenda. Reaching out to the maximum number of people is imperative if you want to win a seat.

When it comes to connecting and delivering your message to large audiences, the most effective and affordable service offered by cloud telephony is voice broadcasting. You can seamlessly run a multitude of promotional campaigns concurrently. Promotional messages or party promises can be communicated to your voters and your volunteers at the same time.

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And the most convincing part about this service is that you reach out to your voters is no time. All you have to do is record your message and broadcast it to people. Voice broadcasting can strengthen the trust of people in your party and lead to the growth of your political career. Most fundamentally, cloud telephony can indubitably popularise your campaign in less time.

3. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the most effective way to reach out to potential voters and stay on top of their minds. Since mobile is one of the most used communication channels, this quick form of marketing is inordinately efficient and lucrative.

Additionally, SMS is a quick, personal, direct, and budget-friendly channel to deliver your message to prospective voters and supporters. You should always include a call-to-action feature to prompt people to take action and be a part of your political campaign.

As SMS is comprised of 160 characters, you should ensure that your message is brief, clear, and simple so that people can easily comprehend it.

4. Combination Of Multiple Communication Services

When a combination of communication services is utilised, it can undoubtedly yield better results. Similarly, there can be a number of combination of communication services. For example, a basic text SMS having a miss call number in it can give a significant boost to customer responses. Furthermore, the response is guaranteed since giving a missed call is free.

5. Reduce Gap With Toll-free Number

For any political campaign to be successful, it is essential that the gap between a party and its target audience be removed. This is only feasible with a toll-free number that will help you connect with voters more efficiently without costing them any money. Additionally, it can extend your reach nationwide so that you can get in touch with more people.

By only using a single number you can connect with people while cutting down on unnecessary expenses at the same time. Hence, the gap between you and your target audience will be reduced to a great extent. Most importantly, the reason your party is thriving is credited to your supporters, and that’s why a toll-free number can be a significant investment. Last but not least, a toll-free number notably increases the response rate.

Final Words

Politicians have reaped enormous benefits from cloud telephony services during elections. If you are planning to opt for cloud telephony, it can work wonders for your political campaign. With the technology, you can analyse your campaign status on a real-time dashboard and make necessary changes on the web portal. Additionally, you can get maximum return on investment with highly economical and customisable plans.

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