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How to Batch Export Thunderbird Emails to PDF with Attachments to Print It?


Are you in hurry to find out the best solution to batch convert Thunderbird emails to PDF format. So, that you can save & Print Thunderbird emails to PDF format at once. If your answer is Yes and looking for the solution for the same query, then you need to choose the most recommended tool i.e. ZOOK Thunderbird to PDF Converter. It is one of the best solution to export emails form Thunderbird to PDF format in a single click.

Nowadays, Thunderbird is one of the most usable free desktop based email application used by users. It has various features like multiple mails, news feed, newsgroup, and a free open source email application. The entire mailbox data of Thunderbird is saved in .mbox file extension in the backend of your Thunderbird folders. Whereas PDF file is a most popular document file format. It is widely used to save document data and print Thunderbird emails as PDF format.

Why It is Required to Export Thunderbird to PDF Format?

There are various scenarios where you need to convert Thunderbird messages to PDF format. Some of the reasons are discussed below due to which users may need to save Thunderbird to PDF format.

  • PDF files are flexible in nature which can be easily shared via internet, email or any external device.
  • These file are easily accessible in any device such as mobiles, laptops, tablets. Other than, it can also open in any operating system.
  • PDF files also provide a password-protection feature by which anyone can create a password-protected PDF file to keep document data safe and secure.
  • It successfully preserves all email formatting in PDF files such as fonts, headings, tables, images, graphics, etc. to keep the data intact.
  • PDF file also plays a crucial evidence in court which cannot be easily edited or modified by any user.

How to Batch Export Thunderbird to PDF with Attachments?

Whenever, it is required to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF format, there are two possible solutions are available for users. It totally depends on your requirement to migrate Thunderbird to PDF format.

Two possible solution are: -

  • Manual Solution to Convert Thunderbird to PDF
  • Expert’s Solution to Export Thunderbird emails to PDF

#1 Manual Solution to Convert Thunderbird to PDF Format

Manual solution will work for you in limited conditions only to convert your Thunderbird emails to PDF format. So, use this solution only when you are looking to save limited Thunderbird emails to PDF format.

  • Open your Thunderbird application. Then download and install ImportExportTools add-on tool for it.
  • Go to Tools >> Add-ons. If Tool option is not visible to you, then press Alt button.
  • Click on Settings >> Install Add-On From File... from Add-ons Manager tab.
  • Now, browse and select Import/Export add-on and install it in your Thunderbird by following the required steps.
  • Now, choose required folder or select desired mails which is required to convert Thunderbird to PDF format.
  • Click on File >> Save Selected Messages >> PDF Format option.
  • Now, select saving location and click on OK button to save Thunderbird emails to PDF format.

#2 Thunderbird to PDF Converter - Expert’s Solution

As manual solution will convert your Thunderbird messages into PDF format but still there are many limitations of using manual procedure. Therefore, it is recommended to use Expert’s solution for users to batch convert Thunderbird to PDF format. It offers you to batch export Thunderbird to PDF format at once in a single click. To export multiple Thunderbird emails to PDF format, you just need to perform 3 simple steps and print Thunderbird messages as PDF format.

  • Download and install Thunderbird to PDF converter.
  • In the first interface of tool, choose required steps i.e. Select Files or Select Folder option.
  • Now, browse and select Thunderbird MBOX files/folder from your desktop.
  • After that click on Browse button and set desired saving location.
  • Last step is to click on Convert button.

In couple of seconds, the tool Thunderbird to PDF converter will successfully save multiple Thunderbird emails to PDF format. Now, all your Thunderbird emails are saved in PDF format in few moments.


In this Gallery blog, we have discussed the various solutions to batch export Thunderbird to PDF format. Look into various solution and choose the required one to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF format.

The FREE Demo tool of Thunderbird to PDF Converter is also available for users. You can also try its FREE demo edition to test the efficiency of the tool. It allows you to convert 25 items from each folder to save Thunderbird emails to PDF format.


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