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How to Create a Social Networking Site Using WordPress


Create A Social Site Using WordPress

WordPress is the leading content system that is used by millions of users every single day. It used to be a blogging platform, but not anymore.

WordPress is used to create any kind of website these days be it a blog, business site, eCommerce site or a social networking site. The main advantage of this CMS is the community around it and the amazing developers who are creating great products regularly.

You will find a theme option or plugin option for almost anything you wish to create on the WordPress platform, the product range is unbelievable.

If you wish to create a social networking site using WordPress, there re a number of different ways to go about it.

Let’s have a look at the option.

BuddyPress: When it comes to social networking on the WordPress platform you will surely come across BuddyPress.

BuddyPress is the most popular open source plugin to create a social community site using the WordPress CMS.

This plugin will instantly bring in the social features to your WordPress site that you can enhance further with the BuddyPress support plugins.

Also, every WordPress theme is not compatible with the BuddyPress plugin. You will have to use a BuddyPress compatible WordPress theme, there are some amazing design options to choose from.


bbPress: If you use to create a social community forum on your WordPress site, you can use the popular bbPress plugin.

bbPress is another free to use open source plugin that will help you to create an engaging community on your site.

Again, you will need a theme that is compatible with the bbPress plugin. Most of the WordPress themes that work with the BuddyPress plugin will work with the bbPress as well.


Ultimate Member: As the name suggests, this is a plugin to create a membership site.

This plugin offers you all the social features that you would need to create a premium membership site and make recurring revenue.

You will have a great looking profile page for the users with all their details. You will have front-end user login and registration option to make things easier for the users.

Ultimate Member

Ultra Community: Ultra Community is another amazing plugin to create a social community site on WordPress.

Create great looking user profile pages, easy to use front-end login and registration page, user notification and more.

Ultra Community

Custom Development: It is extremely easy to find a WordPress developer on any freelance portal as WordPress is the most commonly used platform.

You can code your own social networking site or you can choose any of the WordPress themes that are close to your requirement and start developing from there.

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