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How To Improve The UX Of Your Crypto Startup

Crypto startups are enjoying a heyday right now, with thousands of entrepreneurs around the country waking up and realizing that they can generate a huge fortune for themselves by becoming a pioneer in the field of blockchain technology or cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto startups are enjoying a heyday right now, with thousands of entrepreneurs around the country waking up and realizing that they can generate a huge fortune for themselves by becoming a pioneer in the field of blockchain technology or cryptocurrency trading. What far too few of these entrepreneurs understand is that a crypto startup can never succeed unless users love their experience using your services, so having a smooth and aesthetic website with a stellar UX is imperative towards long-term success.

Here’s how to improve the UX of your crypto startup, and the mistakes that far too many entrepreneurs are making when trying to foray into this market for the first time.

Keep the engine under the hood

A sports car is expensive not because of its sleek and shiny exterior, but rather because of the monstrously complex (and thereby expensive) engine that’s kept under the hood of the car. The fact that you can’t see the engine doesn’t make it unimportant – indeed, it’s the most pivotal part of the car – and you should be using the same logic when it comes to your crypto startup and its web presence. You want to keep the dirty yet important details of your operation “under the hood” and off the main page of your website; users don’t need multiple paragraphs explaining the complex nature of your blockchain services, which are often confusing and illegible to the non-tech savvy.

The best way to improve the UX of your crypto startup is to avoid baffling everyday people by turning your website into a catalogue of advanced IT terms that few people understand; those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain may be familiar with the term “encrypted ledger technology,” for instance, but to most people that phrase is simply confusing and will result in a bad UX. Remember to keep things short, sweet, and simple to understand if you want to generate a fantastic UX for your crypto startup.

This is where the importance of professional web design comes into play; if your website isn’t clean-cut and attractive, not to mention easily navigable, users will never be able to enjoy the time they spend surfing your pages. Many crypto startups which are crunching for cash feel as if professional web design is an unnecessary cost, but the reality of the modern marketplace is that users expect sleek, clean-looking pages that pop and draw their attention.

It’s not all about aesthetics, either, as performance matters, too. Any owner of a crypto startup who isn’t investing significant amounts of money into optimizing the speed of their website is wasting their time, as nothing else you to improve your UX will matter if users can’t actually load your pages.

You can’t bombard users with stimuli

The digital age is defined by a ceaseless cascade of stimuli which are constantly beckoning for your attention; a ringing phone, auto-playing video advertisement, and a myriad of other things may be calling for the attention of your users at literally any moment. It’s thus important to keep your website straightforward, hiding unnecessary features when they’re not likely to be used and thereby making the entire UX more understandable for the average joe. If users can’t ably navigate your site, they’ll never be pleased with the products or services you’re offering.

When critical features do need to be presented to users, your clean and sparse web design will ensure that they actually see the important details they need to be exposed to before finalizing a purchase or registering an account with your company. After you’ve grasped this important point, you can move onto mastering visual feedback, which is a crucial part of delivering a stellar UX to potential customers who may make your crypto startup dreams into a commercial reality. For those looking to develop cryptocurrency in Malaysia, this would mean translating the UX into the local Malay language.

Users need to be granted visual feedback if their UX is going to be smooth and without a hitch. When an error message pops up, for instance, the visual feedback users are receiving must be clear and concise; the problem they’re experiencing should be clearly explained, and the methods by which users can get back on track and properly begin using your site should be clearly elucidated. The importance of visual feedback for improving the UX of your crypto startup can’t be overinflated, and entrepreneurs should take special consideration into how they steer users back in the right direction when something’s gone wrong.  

Finally, one of the best ways to improve UX in any industry is to collect plenty of consumer feedback and incorporate it into your future web design. You’d be startled at how many crypto startups fail to take the feedback of their early customers into consideration for later plans. Keep these tips and mind when designing a clean and easily understood website, and you’ll have improved the UX of your crypto startup before you know it.


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