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How to Recover Data From Hard Drive After Formatting – Tips & Tricks to Clarify


Do you lose your important data after formatting your hard drive. Do not take tension, because all of your removed data will be retrievable. Here, this article we will provide you the perfect solution to resolve how to recover data from hard drive after formatting. Simply, go thoroughly to a complete blog to learn the same.”


Often users format their hard disk intentionally or unintentionally to get rid of some unknown errors. At times, they lose their entire data which is stored in that hard drive. After losing the data permanently users get panic and find an alternative solution to recover data from hard drive after formatting. So, we took this issue into consideration and come up with this comprehensive article. Here, in this write-up, we will be going to disclose the handy and effective resolution to How do I recover files from a formatted hard drive Windows 10? query. Hence, proceed further to understand this issue and its solution more clearly.

Flawlessly Recover Data From Hard Drive After Formatting

As we all aware of the fact i.e., there is no manual solution is available to recover data from formatted hard drive. So, you have left only one choice such as a perfect third-party application. Though, you can utilize this Hard Drive Data Recovery software to perform the recovery procedure. This tool is specially designed to recover data from corrupted, deleted, and formatted hard disk. Mainly, this software has the ability to implement a safe and secure recovery procedure. It can instantly retrieve the exact formatted data from hard disk. This tool can recover permanently deleted and corrupted data from internal and external Hard drive without any hindrance. Moreover, this tool comes with an understandable and self-explanatory interface. So, a geek user can proficiently execute the recovery process without taking any external help. All in all, it is an application which can be fulfil your expectations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Data From Hard Drive After Formatting

Here, in this segment, you will get the directions to implement the recovery procedure of formatted hard disk. Though, we have disclosed all the steps in an efficient manner. You just have to follow all of them to get the desired resultant. Let’s get started:

  • Initially, download and run the SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool into your suspect local machine.
  • Then, the software will provide you two scanning options such as Scan and Formatted Scan. So, you have to select Formatted Scan because you need to recover formatted data instead of deleted.
  • After that, preview the completely recovered data items in hard disk recovery wizard panel.
  • Ultimately, click on the Save button from the top pane to recover data from hard drive after formatting

Why Does A Hard Disk Need to be Formatted?

There can be so many reasons behind the formatting a hard drive. So, we are going to mention a few of them in this segment. Let’s have a look:

#1: This error occurs when you have corrupted drivers or corrupted file system on your drive. In this circumstance, formatting the hard drive is the only way to fix this issue. So, you have to format your hard drive or if in case, you did not format. Though, this error will pop-up into your screen in every a few minutes.

#2: Corruption in Hard disk

Once your hard drive is getting corrupted so, it will start showing an error message which directly says that format your existing hard disk. In this situation, users format their hard disk to resolve the issue and lose their entire data.

#3: Human Errors

Sometimes, users accidentally formatting their hard drive without taking a backup. Moreover, an inappropriate installation of an operating system can occur the failure in hard drive to fail, hence needing a format.

All the above-stated possible reasons can cause your hard disk crash and often required to be formatted in an attempt to resolve the issue perfectly. These days, almost every users are totally dependent on the storage devices to store their crucial data. But, you do not ignore the fact i.e., each storage device such as hard drive, pen drive, and memory card etc., are prone to errors. And once your device is started displaying any error it means, you will possibly lose your important data soon. In all these scenarios, you need automated software because there is no free way to recover corrupted, permanently deleted, and formatted data from hard disk. Here, a Hard Drive Recovery software is the one which has the ability to fulfil all of your needs efficiently. Conclusively, always take decision wisely, while you are selecting something significant.


Once you format your hard disk either intentionally or mistakenly. So, you should immediately stop adding any new data or using that existing hard drive. Because if you accidentally input new data into that formatted hard disk then, it will create a new issue such as Overwritten. Therefore, when a data is being overwritten so, it will be irrecoverable.

Time to Sum Up

Hopefully, after reading this whole blog, you will get rid of from your issue such as how to recover data from hard drive after formatting. Moreover, there are multiple scenarios which insist you to format the hard disk. So, you should always preserve a hard drive data recovery software into your system. Thus, you can format your drive any time to fix the unknown issue without any fear of losing data. For the same, you can utilize this Hard Drive Data Recovery software provided by SysTools. This is an amazing application, as we already discussed in the above segment. Thus, you just to download it once and keep it into your machine for forever.


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