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How to Save Emails from Server to Desktop?

A Quick Guide to Save all emails from Server to Computer with attachments.

Email is no longer a casual interface for friends and family. It has become a vital tool for professional communication. Today, from a startup to a well-known brand, everyone uses the email platform to share ideas and words. Also, people are using multiple email platforms to manage their data. Many times people have really important information in the form of emails that they want to save to the desktop. So they can even access it offline. A few days ago, our support team received a query about "How do I save emails from Server to desktop?" Read the complete query below:

A User Query: Hello Team,

I landed in trouble. I use two Gmail accounts and both contain important data. Now, I wanted to save emails that contain project details from Server to Desktop. I have no idea how I can do this. Also, I am a non-technical person. Please help me with a simple and accurate solution. Thanks in advance.

- Catherine Clarks, New York

If you can connect your situation with the above query, landed on the right page. In today's blog, we will provide an expert solution to copy emails from a server to a computer. Now, you can save selective and multiple emails from the server to computer with all attachments. Also, all properties and attributes are maintained. Now, let's explore the instant solution to back up server emails on the computer's hard drive.

A Professional Tool to Download Emails from Mail Server to Desktop

Email Download Software is a popular solution to backup emails from Server to Computer with attachments. This reliable utility saves the emails from the Mail Server to PC directly. Using the software, you can save all emails from Server to desktop at once. It is an application designed for all types of user. Also, it comes with an easy to use interlace. The tool is the best choice for a migration project. It provides 100% accurate with complete information. Email Download Manager Tool helps the user to save emails from Webmail Server to a desktop email client.

Now, that you have understood about the tool, let’s check the working of the tool. Follow the step-by-step process to download emails from Server to Desktop.

Save Emails from Server to Desktop in a Couple of Clicks

Step 1: First and the foremost step is download Email Download Tool on your Windows machine.

Step 2: Run the application and select the desired option from the email source list. Enter the credentials and press the Login button.

Step 3: The tool is an advanced solution and displays all the folder. Choose the folder to continue.

Step 4: Now, select your desired option from the list of 20+ Saving list. Enter the destination path and choose file naming option. Then, click on the Backup tab.

Step 5: The process of saving emails from Server to Desktop gets started. You will get a complete conversion message after the process gets completed.

In this way, you can backup all the emails from Server to Computer desktop with attachments. The process is unique and simple. Any user can use the above-mentioned method to download emails from the Mail server to a Computer.

Free Backup some emails from Server to Desktop

If you are someone using the third-party tool for the first time or want to try the tool before final purchase, you can try the free trial version. Using the demo version of the Email Manager Tool, you understand the tool’s working and features. The demo version allows the user to backup 25 emails from Server to Desktop. Once satisfied, activate the licensed edition of the tool.

Benefits of using Email Download Software

  1. Provide direct migration of emails from Server to Computer with attachments.
  2. The tool helps the user to copy business email from Mail Server to Desktop. Also, the user can backup current emails, sent emails from Webmail Server to PC.
  3. With this software, you can download bulk emails from Server to Computer in some time.
  4. The tool maintains folder hierarchy when saving emails from Server to Desktop.
  5. It is compatible with all the versions of MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Exchange Server and more.
  6. Using this solution, you can take the backup of your complete Server to Computer Hard Drive.
  7. The software is a trusted, error-free and easy-to-use product that doesn’t require any specific technical skills to access the product.
  8. All the email properties and attributes when saving emails from Webmail emails to Hard Drive.
  9. The tool is compatible with all the Windows OS.

Some Frequently Asked Questions to Save Server Emails to Computer

1. Can I save the emails from the Mail Server to PC using the tool?

Ans. Yes. The software is capable to save emails from Mail Server to PC.

2. How do I save an email from Server to Desktop with all the attachments?

Follow the simple steps:

1. Download and run Email Download Manager on your Windows machine.

2. Choose the required option from the emails source list. Enter the details and click on the Login button.

3. Select the folder and pick the saving option.

4. Enter the destination path. Choose the file naming option and click on the Backup button.

3. Is it possible to save selected emails from Server to Desktop using the tool?

Ans. Yes. The tool is capable to backup selected emails from Server to Desktop.

Wrap Up

How can I save emails from Server to desktop? We provide the best way to download emails from server to computer with attachments. The Email Download Tool is an automatic solution and easily saves all emails from the Server to PC. So, download the utility and get your job done automatically.