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How to Utilize Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic

Many entrepreneurs complain that they do not get the expected traffic on their website. This is where entrepreneurs need to understand that visitors won’t magically start visiting the site. The most common way of creating drive is by utilizing of trending topics.

How to Utilize Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic

However many website owners remains skeptical about this approach as because trending topics quickly becomes outdated. There are certain contents which can be considered evergreen content. These types are the best for content creation as they generate long term traffic.

Few common ways to build links and boost traffics

1.     Staying updated

 Some market tools that can help you in creation of current articles, reviews, videos or stories are:

  • Google Trends: Probably the best tool available for checking what are the trending topics in your arena and keeping track for any increase in traffics. Just type your keyword to see what are the rising searches relating to them. Also you can use filter by date and time, geographical locations to gather more classified data.
  • Reddit: Although somewhat underrated, this American social news aggression, web content rating and discussion forum website can result in generation of valuable content finding and promoting. The subreddit portion relates to all domains one can think of. In the discussion forum engage with other people contents for opening up future slots for your business. You can also promote your own content along with searching for trends in Reddit.
  • Facebook:  Facebook is not just limited to creating your own page and posting things there. Take a step further. Join the groups which are relevant and related to your industry. Check those groups on what are the current trends discussed there, devise your contents based on the niche specific trends and you can also promote contents there.

Using hashtags is another effective way for checking into the latest trends in your area.

Also don’t forget to keep checking your timeline and news feeds to stay updated about new trends.

  • Twitter: It’s a place where people discuss all domains one can think of.

In Twitter:

  • Follow public figures
  • Follow brands especially the ones relating or ancillary to your product
  • Visit popular hashtags and keep checking the trends and why they are gaining popularity
  • Stay updated with the trending section.

2.     Dig up new opportunities

 After you have listed down all the ideas and latest trend it’s time to create something unique. The post you create thus should be more than a spin off, try keeping few things in mind:

  • Is there any new information or any fresh take on the current that is being missed or you can offer
  • Getting to know if there is any pressing issue your targeted audiences are interested in.
  • Not all that has been outdated is useless. So keep a track of what were the trends in past and what contents and topics worked in past. Sometimes it is possible to dig up something golden form past contents and present it with a modern spin.
  • Checking out your competitors trends. Keep an eye on what are the topics your competitors are covering
  • Check for what is most linkable to your product. Don’t use any topic just by the sake of its trend which is highly unrelated to your product or brand value.

3.     Make interesting contents

For any SEO marketing strategy always remember that content is the king. So the more creative, unique, engaging content you develop the more share it gets and hence more targeted traffic.

  • Choose the best possible format. Not all trends require similar format. Some are best for blogs some for posts some for cartoons. Note that contents easier to consume gains popularity faster.
  • Create your content keeping a broader audience outreach in mind
  • Adding of visual contents like images, videos, infographics, cartoon strips appeals to audiences in a way better manner than long articles.
  • Optimize your content as per SEO needs. Writing based on trending topics isn’t enough if your content cannot rank high in Google or other search engine searches. Search generic keywords relating to trends and frame content accordingly

4.     Repurposing across all possible platforms

Just developing a trending article won’t do much good if you cannot drive audiences towards your website ultimately. Here are couples of things to check for:

  • Post images and snapshots of your articles in your Instagram stories
  • Utilize Facebook live, and speak about the trending topics of your articles
  • Utilize the Facebook groups to post and circulate the trending contents you have created.
  • Running advertisement campaigns on Facebook, Instagram etc. is also an effective means
  • Utilize email marketing
  • You can also try to create innovative quiz or surveys with prize or awards on social media platforms for spreading your brand/content identity
  • Utilize YouTube by creating slideshows with voiceover or anime projections regarding the trending topics
  • Ask people in your contact and knowledge to share as much as possible
  • For extreme reach across various target audience pools its better to take help from social media influencers and professional marketing SEO Agency for spreading.

In the end

While repurposing your content alter the format as per platform, keep checking what is trending and what is becoming outdated, and keep developing newer and innovative contents continuously. Conduct split test or A/B test at regular intervals for analysis. Also keep tracking analytics to check which platform generates most traffic and plan accordingly.