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How to Travel Solo In 2020 without Breaking the Bank


Traveling alone boosts up confidence and adds to bravery. Especially in case you plan to explore a new spot. Sometimes, this brave action costs more than your expectations. Henceforth, you can go through some solo travel tips for 2020. Rather than feeling lonely, right in the middle of your journey, make it worthwhile under some incredible plans.

Add your interest in the trip by connecting to people. Also, be proud of yourself for enjoying the journey without breaking the bank. If you plan your trip in advance, things can get easy for you later. Between packing and unpacking, try not to miss the fun through these solo travel tips.

Advance Planning Is Essential

According to Statista, domestic and international travel expenditures in the U.S from the year 2000 to the year 2018 increased to 1089.08 billion US Dollars. Unplanned last minute traveling is one of the main reasons for this. People often opt-out of travel plans during holiday trips and vacations. It results negative when you spent on something in the last hours.

It is better to know how long will you spend on a single spot. If you are well known to your route and destination, you can spend smartly for instant savings.

Calculate a Travel Budget

One of the most comfortable solo travel tips includes budget estimation. The nightmare of breaking the bank will not occur if you are already aware of your budget. Do not miss the airport expenditures, duty-free desires, and gourmet expenses. Also calculate the transportation, accommodation, and extras like pick and drop to tourist spots.

In case your budget exceeds your current status, wait for a little time. Either create a travel account or start saving for your travel. Soon after you can afford your budget, travel alone in 2020 easily.

Choose an Off-Season Trip

Avoid planning a trip during peak times of the year. For example, the summer holiday season or winter break is an expensive time to travel. Think of an off-season vacation plan when travel providers lower their fares to attract customers. You may not find the sun shining as brightly but, it is better than breaking the bank in 2020.

In a limited budget, peace is the most important thing to look for on a trip. There is less chance to have an overcrowded destination off-season.

Avoid Over Packing

Over packing is a significant problem when you travel alone. Opt-out unnecessary items and fill your bag smartly. Place casual wears, wash-and-wear shirts with matching pair of jeans. Rather than placing the party wears; keep an outfit that fits an unexpected situation. Staying comfortable is a crucial part of solo traveling. Keep fewer attires that fulfill your expectations.

Light baggage will save your cost on the airport and is easy to carry. It will also keep you from waiting around the baggage carousel.

Carry Your Own Snacks

Snacks and extra drinks cost much money. You prefer eating more while traveling alone. Bring along snacks with you in reusable containers. Keep away from plastic items and save the environment from pollution. Do not forget to bring your foldable water bottle. Purchasing water at destinations always costs you unexpected.

Keep away from opening your wallet and save food for train stations, airports, bus stops, or car rides. Do not eat away your cash.

Opt For Public Transportation

Using public transport is better than booking cabs for every ride. Do not hire a car or rent any vehicle during your trip. Cheap means of transportation will save you from breaking the bank and keep your budget low. Moreover, in case you travel to a nearby destination; avoid booking of flights.

Buses and trains can always be money-savvy. Keep a book with you or make the right use of your smartphone during the journey.

Book for Cheap Flights In Advance

Cheap flights are the most important part of solo travel tips for you in 2020. If you plan to fly off your destination, look out for the right travel providers. Airlines are costly and often mess things up while traveling alone. Always know where you can get the cheapest flight deal. Make an advance booking and save more.

Rather than looking for travel websites directly, opt for platforms that can provide you with budget travel flights. It will help you in planning trip even to far-off destinations.

Always Look For Discounts

Discounts are essential for traveling alone without breaking the bank. Budget travel comes through voucher codes and discounts providing websites. Try to buy fewer items for your trip. However, whatever you purchase can be through a trustworthy retailer. Look out for discounts on travel bags, clothing, footwear, and necessary items.

If you can comply with your budget through a coupon providing website, you may be able to save more than your expectations. Cheap food items and water bottles can also be chosen from such spots.

Choose a Cheap Hotel or Stay Free

Accommodation costs highest on solo travel. You can opt for cheap hotel rooms or try to stay in a hotel alternative. Choose travel providers like Booking.com and find out stay places that cost cheap. It is safe to stay in hotel alternatives when you opt for trustworthy travel partners. The Airbnb vacation rentals are perfect for such solo trips.

You can look out for the cheapest hotels other than the city center. It will help you stay in peace and ease your travel budget.


Do not forget to capture pictures while you revel in your vacation. Discuss the experience with your friends and suggest these tips to others as well.

Most fundamentally, enjoy your solo trip. Always remember, traveling alone can be incredible if you plan it accordingly. Opt for your favorite gadgets or movies and have fun on your vacation without breaking the bank. Of the total traveler’s population in the world, 11% opt for solo traveling. Be a part of this population while you handle your budget.


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