Importance Of A Website For Expanding And Growing The Business

    24th Oct 2018
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    Are you still trying to figure out why your business is not growing up despite all your efforts ?. Well are you still using traditional channels for business growth? This blog will clear all your prejudices and help you develop a new approach towards your business operations to maximize customer acquisition and profits.

    Websites are extremely important these days. It does not matter if you run a product-based or service-based business, a website will help you in more than a few ways in the long run. A website is a perfect medium to showcase, connect and share products and services with new and existing customers alike.

    Website are great medium and catalyst for business growth. An organic SEO can work wonders to your online visibility during search. This auto-translates into potential clients, customers and business growth.  

    In today’s world, instead of ad in yellow pages, a digital format is used which we call as website. It is the best way by which customers can reach your business directly as it is the passive “ad” to introduce yourself to your customer and tell them what you can do for them. Most importantly, unlike a brick and mortar office that cannot be carried everywhere, a website is live 24*7 which gives global and local customers a dedicated access to your services and products.

    However, building a website from scratch is not as easy as it may sound or appear at first place. However, there are a wide variety of options at your disposal which can make the development process a lot more enjoyable and less taxing. You can use any of the attractive WordPress templates that suit your business website requirements. Other than this you can also hire Professional Website Services for custom website for your business needs.

    10 Points Which Proves the Importance of A Website

    1. The Brand

    Brand name in business is as important as the Business Itself. A website can go a long way in building this brand name. A great website will create a lasting first impression on potential customers . It is obvious that, while creating a website, you are thinking of your customers and the same sentiment is reciprocated by customers. It is the best platform by which the customer will get to know about your business and his curiosity is resolved thereby making it easier for customer to approach you.

    The potential customer can either send a mail on the contact details shared on the website or even directly call the support for further queries. A website works as an important SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for customers seeking product/service information as well as making request for proposals or registering grievances in a prompt manner. As they say ‘First impression is the last impression’, the website design is pivotal in brand making and hence hiring website design services will help is tracing a proper roadmap in this regard.

    2. Prompt Decision

    A website will have the information about your business due to which it will be easy for customers to make decisions online. As customers buys products online, their decision making will be supported because of your online presence. The global digital population is now nearly 4.119 Billion. Imagine 500 people visiting your office today for queries and proposals….

    Will you be able to give equal attention to each one of those?... This would be a cakewalk on a website with a chat-bot feature.

    3. Always Open for Business

    Unlike your physical store which cannot be open 24/7, a website is always up and running. Customer can register, buy and review the products from any place at anytime irrespective of time zones and nationality. A good example of this are e-commerce portals like Flipkart and Amazon. You can login to buy anything at anytime from anyplace. This is not even imaginable in the nearest shopping mall after 9PM.

    4. It Provides Social Proof

    Foursquare, Yelp, and other review sites can help you to host reviews for your business. As claimed, about 90 percent consumers influence themselves for buying the product after going through the online reviews. Traditional businesses depend primarily on word of mouth publicity or on liaise. These are still independent parameters and don't necessarily guarantee success. But websites depend on controllable matrix like traffic, reviews and bounce rates. Review are important considerations for potential customers before making the final call on service based businesses.

    5. Top rank and Most Searched

    If you don’t have a website then you will never show up in Google but if you have a website then there are good chances of showing up at the top of the Google’s search results. Search is an important features driving customer queries for products and services. And an appearance on the first page of google search means tremendous traffic for your business accounting for far reaching visibility and greater customers. As your services and businesses gain popularity, there is no limit to the opportunities in store for your business.

    Note: Google Keywords are important for high page ranking. Pack your website content with relevant keywords for increased site visits. A research confirms that nearly 80% of the Long-tail keywords, meta descriptions, and titles are just some of the things you can customize on your site to improve your search engine optimization(SEO).

    6. Website Analytics : the Key to Online Business Growth

    In business one must never play blind. Intuitions are good at times but there is no denying the fact that an informed decision always pays good in the long run. This is where having a website can help you in the long run. Website collect cookies which give important insights on user behavior. These data sets include parameters like age, gender, geographic location, interest topics, browser used etc. All these parameters help in making informed decision making ranging from website updates to adding new services to your business.

    Website analytic tools like Google Analytics and Monster insights prove to be important catalyst for business optimization by enabling formulation of customer driven strategies for business growth based on impact parameters like most visits, average duration, and bounce rate for the individual pages. This would spur customer engagement and attract a much wider pool of potential customers.

    7. Advertising: To Sale Be Seen First

    Websites are perfect platforms for advertisements. Especially, a little use of any popular social media websites can increase traffic of your own website by manifold. Facebook Ads are one popular medium for website advertisement. Facebook ads are premium features and they are not free.

    SEO is another popular advertising channel. An SEO expert can be a major boon for you and your online business. Using their expertise, deploying an organic SEO action plan for your business will drive ranking of your website to the front page of google search which quickly translates into increased sales and higher profits.

    Website Analytics can give following important parameters for effective SEO.

    • Visitors’ Demographics and Interests
    • Better Visibility on search engines.
    • Backlinks insights by tracking your referrals.
    • Effective Targeted Content for concrete results.

    8. Mobile is the Way Ahead

    The last few years have witnessed an exponential growth in smartphones and tablet users. Smartphones are most peoples go to device for internet surfing and the numbers are only pegged to explode in near future. Hence, a prudent move would be to opt for a dynamic mobile-friendly theme for your business website. A website compatible across devices of all shape and size is paramount by today's web standards and gives you a potentially larger user base (especially if your business is B to C). Few things to keep in mind for a mobile site include:

    • The mobile set must incorporate the parent websites design and look.
    • The mobile site must reflect the brand identity for instant connection with customers.
    • The user interface must be friendly yet incorporate all important features with ease.

    9. Engage and Lure Customers

    Once you are done creating an attractive and responsive website with top features in line with your business needs, it is time to add the icing on the cake. First thing first, there is no thing like a good conversation. To engage your site visitors you can add a number of call-to-action option on your website. These include reminders like “Contact US”, “Email US”, “Buy Now” which are simple but very effective.

    Last but not least, an effective way to accelerate engagements is by integrating social media like YouTube, Twitter, Quora features with your posts, blogs, articles etc. However, a good step would be to use only those social media channels that strike chord with your business philosophy and target audience.

    10. Content Marketing

    Pure Gold and Great Content shine alike. Content marketers are like magicians. Great Content would never try to directly sell products or services. In fact, they would  stimulate interest in its products or services. Content subsumes a wide range of materials such as videos, blogs, and social media posts. All content is published keeping in mind the target audience and in the process accelerate interest and customer engagement.

    Content is like insurance premium. They seem not to taxing and pay well after maturity. But an important prerequisite is that the websites content must be relevant and authentic with not even a single instance of copy or plagiarism.

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