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Important must have Educational Apps for Student Learning


Important must have Educational Apps for Student Learning

Technology continues to play an important role in education by providing students with good learning platform. According to Zoe Bernard, educators and developers are involved in creating more and more products with the objective of enhancing learning possibilities among students in classroom environment. New technologies in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning and educational apps are not only creating good learning platform for students, but also significantly affecting the philosophical approaches to teaching. Because of the introduction of new learning models in the form of educational apps, the traditional learning methods are bound to evolve in the next decade. New technological devices and apps are evolving on regular basis, but few of the below mentioned educational apps are important for students.


Learning a new concept and retaining it in the memory is highly especially for students. According to Tod Brennan, an English teacher, students often forget the concepts that are taught to them in the classroom environment. Memrise in an online learning tool that is quite significant in allowing students to memorise concepts. This tool makes use of the principle of cognitive science such as repetition and spacing, so that students can memorise things better.


Students often make mistakes while writing a piece of paper. It is therefore important for them to edit their paper in order to make it error free. However making a paper error free requires good level of knowledge in editing papers, and Gradeproof can be of significant help to students in improving their writing. Gradeproof is highly efficient in allowing students to improve their writing style by way of recognising difficult grammatical mistake in the sentences. In this way, Gradeproof help student in making the paper error free by way of correcting all grammatical issues.


Socratic is an important educational app in allowing students to learn by way of making pictures. This educational app allows converting written materials into graphical format so that students can learn better. A student can memorise concepts better when they are shown in graphical format. As for example, a math problem or a chemistry formula can be better represented by the application of this app, in order to provide better learning opportunity to student.


YouTube is also an important educational app because it hurts and its practical learning. It is possible for a student to find out tutorial related to various concepts on YouTube platform, and they can easily learn from the videos from YouTube. The platform of YouTube is very big and covers solution for almost all the problems. A wide range of tutorials allows students to learn positively and apply them in their practical sessions.


This is also an important educational app from the point of view of enhancing knowledge about different concepts. Quizlet allows a student to browse from a huge collection of user created quizzes on different concepts. It therefore allows them to learn on any concept of their interest by way of participating in different types of quizzes.

These educational apps are quite useful from the point of view of allowing students to memorise and learn new concepts in a significantly enhanced way. Their efficient application can result into positive learning opportunity to students, and maximise their skills in making advance use of technology. It is not only the students, but professional tutoring service providers also makes use of these educational apps in providing a creative learning environment to students. An expert from Australian Assignment Help said “our experts find it easier to explain concepts and things to students using these educational apps, which could have otherwise been extremely difficult”.


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