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How to increase engagement on Instagram: Tricks to know

Instagram is a wonderful social platform, but most of the social media managers have been puzzled lately due to its unorthodox algorithm that is applied for the acquisition of followers.

How to increase engagement on Instagram: Tricks to know

Tuesday April 14, 2020,

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Instagram is a wonderful social platform, but most of the social media managers have been puzzled lately due to its unorthodox algorithm that is applied for the acquisition of followers. In fact, in recent times, engagement on Instagram seems to have plummeted, and working on new business profiles to gain followers seems to have become very difficult. But is it really so?

In principle, yes, Instagram is slowly moving towards a point of almost saturation (as already happened for Facebook). Private and business users registered on the social network are increasing (to date more than 1 billion), and over 100 million posts are shared every day. In short, we are talking about a platform that is experiencing strong growth and creates lasting relationships. It is necessary to invest time and money. Let’s have a look at the tips and tricks to increase the engagement on Instagram.

Increase engagement on Instagram: Tips and tricks

Let’s start from the beginning. Instagram, like its parent company Facebook, is based on people and relationships. The interactions are critical to the results, provided they are real.

According to activeig, when we said that it is necessary to invest time and money, we certainly did not intend to buy followers or automation services to follow/unfollow. Here are some tips to increase engagement on Instagram and start growing naturally.

Study (well) the tool

The first advice we give you, which is at the basis of everything, is to study the platform you are using for your business. Instagram marketing isn’t about posting nice photos.

Having a business profile means having access to a large number of features, post shoppable, ADS, content scheduling, analytics, and much more. Knowing how to use these tools allows companies to have multiple more possibilities to intercept your target that turn into new potential customers.

Establish the correct posting frequency

How much to post on Instagram? There is no valid answer to this question; you must know your target audience. Experimentation is essential to find the right frequency. And it’s also a winning trick to improve engagement on Instagram. For example, you work in the food sector; posting photos or videos daily of the main meals could play a role in creating solid relationships.

Interact with the right influencers

Knowing how to choose the right influencers is very important to boost your Instagram strategy. There are special tools to identify the right social celebrities suitable for promoting a product or service belonging to a specific niche.

Relying on simple numbers, how many followers a person has, is not enough to make a choice. It is necessary to look beyond, much beyond, for example, you should understand the engagement rate of every single post, to verify that the followers are natural and not purchased. Also, based on what has just been said, do respect micro-influencers. Even if they have few followers, they are more likely to be focused on a certain sector.

Build relationships with your community

Monitoring comments, taking care of mentions, and intervening in conversations related to a hashtag of interest are the good things for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Answer everyone who involves you, put back all the photos that carry your company hashtag, and show interest in your community.

Followers are not simple numbers to brag about, but people with whom to build relationships to form the foundation of a solid reputation. This is very important to increase engagement on Instagram; it is a real loyalty process, do not forget it.

Invest in ADS

Instead of investing in BOTs there are more orthodox methods to earn interactions and followers i.e., the Instagram ADS.

Promoting posts on Instagram means creating sponsored content to reach a wider and more targeted audience. There are numerous reasons for which to allocate a part of the budget to this activity. It is possible to achieve various objectives such as brand awareness, bring traffic to a website, generates leads, and obtain qualified contacts.

Being Instagram a visual platform, it can be successfully used for the creation of captivating content that leaves the text in the background.

Use Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories are more than 500 million active users worldwide and have become part of everyday life, especially for youngsters belonging to Generation Z.

It is an excellent way to attract the attention of followers; Instagram Stories are essential for creating relationships and interactions. This is possible due to the many features released, such as questions, polls, and votes with emojis. Due to the stories, you can create a lot of ad hoc content such as flash discounts, behind the scenes, launching new posts, promoting online contests, and more.

The polls

The sticker dedicated to the polls is an excellent way to improve engagement within Instagram Stories, but also to get opinions from your followers. Once your survey is finished, within a maximum of 24 hours, you will get useful information on what your audience wants and expects from your company.

The countdown  

Another tool not to be underestimated is the countdown sticker. It can be used to announce the launch of special offers, events, or new products that will be placed on the market. It helps to fuel the curiosity of the spectators, who can activate the notifications as soon as the countdown reaches its end.

This sticker can also be used to set a deadline for special promotions. For example, if you decide to launch a timed offer, you can think of promoting it in the Stories with the countdown sticker, so as to fuel the sense of urgency in potential customers.

To improve the reach of your Stories on Instagram, and therefore reach new users who do not yet know your company, you can think of adding specific hashtags or the location sticker. Using them will allow you to enter the history of the hashtag or place, showing your content to those who follow them, increasing your chances of getting in touch with new potential followers.