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Here's Why India To Witness Boost In Electric Vehicles By 2021

World-wide many people are shifting from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Opting for an electric vehicle will not only save the fuel and environment but also money.

Vehicle fuel consumption and emission have always been a talk of worry. The high demand and increasing rates of fuel have become unstoppable. The solution to this problem is found in people turning to electric vehicles. World-wide many people are shifting from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Opting for an electric vehicle will not only save the fuel and environment but also money. This year, India has seen a gradual increase in the purchase of electric bikes which clearly states that India will soon be among the countries where EV owners are huge in number. 

To encourage people, electric vehicle owners are offered financial consumer incentives, such as tax credits, purchase subsidies, discounted tolls, free parking, etc. India has announced a new EV Policy which will help in the enhancement of electric vehicles, charging station companies and networks. These new policies will encourage people to go for electric vehicles. Additionally, the GST reduction from 12 per cent to 5 per cent on EVs and from 18 per cent to 5 per cent on EV chargers has made it more affordable for consumers. Transportation Minister Mr Nitin Gadkari intends that India should have 100% electric cars by the year 2030. To accomplish this aim, certain budget is been allotted for EV infrastructure by the government of India. Considering all these factors, it can be said that the demand for EVs and charging stations will increase in the coming year.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles:-

•   Eliminates the cost of fuel

•   Harmful emissions of gases into the environment will be reduced

•   EV users become energy independent

•   Electricity is cheaper than fuel

•   Tax credits and government scheme benefit are received by EV users

Many car manufacturing companies have started production of electric vehicles. Hero Electric India already has a range of electric bikes in India. Now, Hyundai, Mahindra, Nissan and Audi are planning a launch for their EVs in India. Also, Tata Power will be installing 500 EV charging stations across 5 cities in next one year. With such fast-paced development planning, we can say that soon you'll see many electric vehicles on Indian roads.

India has already started walking its way towards a pollution-free future. Charging stations are being built at government offices and malls. Government-owned power companies like Bharat Heavy Electricals and Energy Efficiency Services are soon going to start the work of constructing charging stations. India is aiming at 10,000 stations in the two years.

Even taxi apps and home delivery services apps have taken initiatives to ship parcels and passengers on electric bikes. After the successful test of electric cabs, Indian taxi service provider Ola is working towards the electric bikes and electric three-wheelers for their services. We can foretell that charging the battery at charging station will be time-consuming and thus, instead of charging batteries, battery swapping will be preferred. Due to this battery swapping model, EV users can replace a discharged battery with a fully charged one at swapping stations.

However, with people using EVs, it gets difficult to find the nearby charging station. Also, buying the best-charging facilities and solutions is a hectic task too. To help EV users avoid this hassle, digital portals are created. One of them is Chargelist which is a one-stop solution to all EV related problems. Such digital portals will help EV users find the nearest charging station, buy chargers and charging station accessories, get information about the electric vehicles and much more.

The future seems better with such prominent innovations like electric vehicles. India being a developing country, is trying to opt for every possible innovation that could bring revolution and make its economy more robust.