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This Indian Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Has Scaled Global Heights

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and WordPress expert, Manish Bhagat is a CTO and Founder of Digitalastic, a leading digital marketing agency in Central India.
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Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and WordPress expert, Manish Bhagat is a CTO and Founder of Digitalastic, a leading digital marketing agency in Central India. Manish has cataloged exponential growth in his career in the last few years.

In an interview he talks about his journey, concepts, goals and company future.

“Starting from a non-techie background I judiciously mastered all nuts and bolts of digital marketing”, says Manish when he tells about his journey. A commerce graduate from a typical Indian middle class family struggled tooth and nail to create space for himself in the industry. Only two things that were in his favor are his passion for the IT industry and he was fortunate enough to recognize the fact early at the age of 17. He decided to take passion as a profession.

Manish is blessed with creative cognition and dexterity which is reflected in his designs. “Conspicuous ad designs the first step to a successful campaign.” Manish focuses on result oriented campaigns rather than on task oriented. He proposes a plan to his client that accent not only on lead generation but to final conversion, resulting in best ROI. In this pandemic outbreak period, where everyone is worried about even a bit of business, Manish delivered a 10xgrowth in online sales to many of his clients. 

Manish shares his analysis, e-commerce will be the most flourishing industry in this decade, since more and more products are gaining comfort and trust of customers in online sales.

Starting his career as a freelancer, Manish soon switched to register his business as a proprietorship firm, then build a team, upgraded to partnership firm. Currently he owns a company named Harshman Digitalastic Services Pvt Ltd. His goal for next five years is to take the company net worth to INR 1000m. But success to Manish is, “It's not just about financials but about the love and invigorating reverberations you receive from clients”. Manish tells that his focus is always on educating clients and this is the sole reason according to him that rate of vamoose clients till date is nonentity. 

“You need not to look out for various works for the sake of change. Be stick to your passion, and as you dive deep you discover variants”. Manish started as a web developer and subsequently mastered WordPress. Moving with time, he buried himself in Digital Marketing and again got hold of e-commerce. Recently Manish has started his online courses on WordPress, e Commerce and Digital Marketing. His mission is to equip the youth with skills that are much demanded in the market but least taught at universities.

Manish has helped many startups in creating their online presence and building a Social Media community, during this lockdown season, not as a part of business but simply as a hand holding gesture. Further inspired by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s call to be ‘Vocal for Local’, he offers his support to any Indian brand, a free advice on Digital Ad Campaigns. In a message for youth Manish says, “Along with certifications, we must insist on qualifications. In the times to come we will be judged and preferred on the basis of our skills and not on degrees”.


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